Oi coloured boy

Oi coloured boy

Oi coloured boy, where’s your mates, where’s your money,

Coming out of your bando, with decadence, anger, struggle and
unrelent filling you with hazy visions of brood

Smoke filled rooms with hollering teens
percoset, speed and shrooms

These concrete streets won’t miss you, just like your rent,
just like everlasting stress, just like your ex.

Coloured boy, how dare you have feelings? Feelings ain’t better,
you know better, you need to be better.

Diamonds, coin and eternal gold, a coloured goal, a state of mind,
the only state of closure,

Oi coloured boy remember when you got hurt? When you tripped,
sipped and crawled into a conscious state?

Rohit Manik

Rohit Manik

Social activist, poet, writer and university student

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