Special Donation Appeal Request for Gungahlin Mosque by the Canberra Muslim Community Inc

Special Donation Appeal Request for Gungahlin Mosque by the Canberra Muslim Community Inc

For the past 10 years, the Muslim Community in Canberra has been working very hard to obtain a piece of land from the ACT government to build a second Mosque, Gungahlin Mosque (including a community centre), in the Gungahlin Town Centre (GTC ) under the Canberra Muslim Community Inc (CMC’s) sponsorship over the next 3 years’ time. In June 2011, Alhumdulillah, by the grace and blessings of Almighty Allah, the CMC has received a 99 years Crown Lease offer for the mosque land from the ACT Government.

This appeal request seeks your generous donation to cover a shortage of funds amounting to around $40K , which restricts the CMC’s ability to direct purchase the land from the Government right now. This funding shortage is due to a pre-condition in the lease offer letter that requires the CMC to submit a Deed of Unconditional Undertaking/Bank Guarantee for $93K within 28 days, before it is able to execute/sign the Crown Lease Agreement with the Government within this tight time-frame, thus ensuring that the CMC gets the land for its mosque construction. If we can’t purchase the land by the 14th of July 2011 through raising these initial funds we may lose the parcel of land that has been offered to the CMC after 10 years of waiting and plain hard work by the members of the CMC community in Canberra.

The CMC needs to raise these funds immediately from our esteemed well wishers and patrons as well from all over the world, on top of the CMC members locally. The CMC has to date been able to obtain some commitments of around $15K only. The CMC Executive Committee would now sincerely urge your personal support and drive to help raise some donation resources from your friends within on an urgent basis. Everyone’s donation will enormously help the CMC raise the initial funds needed to help sign the lease agreement and purchase the land.

May Allah enormously and limitlessly reward you, your family and your friends for all encouragement and ongoing support to the CMC’s great cause. Many thanks for considering the CMC’s request. Any contributions, however small the amount, towards the Gungahlin Mosque project will be immensely appreciated by the CMC EC.

The CMC is offering life membership for $1000 per adult and $500 per child under the age of 16. Insha’Allah the funds thus raised will certainly go a long way in forwarding our cause.

The CMC’s Bank A/C details are provided below to help raise funds for the Gungahlin Mosque.

A/C Name: Canberra Muslim Community Inc (CMC)
Name of Bank: ANZ Bank
BSB No: 012950
A/C No: 109547085

Was Salaam and with Appreciation

Borhan Ahmed
On behalf of CMC Inc EC

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