Shoeb Mortoza !!

Shoeb Mortoza !!

Shoeb Mortoza is a very simple, kind, honest and humble person who has the capabilities of mesmerising people with his behaviour, wonderful work, music and so many other beautiful creations. He is an extremely talented person who has extraordinary skills in music with a euphonious voice!

He has an emotion and connection to the song with great passion and talent throughout. In addition, he conveyed the emotion within the lyrics well. He has a good connection on stage between performers and the audience.

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Regarding music, he is not only confined within himself but he also inspires & helps others to make a good bond with the music. His music recording skills are also awesome and his recording studio is magnificent!!

Shoeb Mortoza, based in Canada, has an intense passion for music. Although he has a career in software engineering, Shoeb takes his music seriously.  He pursued his computer science studies in Canada before moving to New Zealand for a few years, where he met and married Lisa Shoeb. During their time in Auckland, both Shoeb and Lisa were actively engaged in the community. They formed many valuable friendships and cherished their experiences in New Zealand. In 2005, Shoeb returned to Canada and has since been residing in Toronto.

Shoeb began his singing journey at a young age, and by the age of 11, he had developed a deep love for ghazal music. Over the years, he has been inspired by both contemporary and classical music maestros, shaping his unique vocal style. Guided by his mentor, Ali F. M Rezwan, Shoeb honed his skills in Indian classical music.

Aside from ghazals, Shoeb demonstrates his musical versatility through performances of Nazrul Shangeet, Adhunik Bangla, and Hindi Film songs. Beyond music, he is also passionate about videography, sound mixing, and composing, showcasing another side of his creativity.

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Every year, Shoeb enchants audiences with solo ghazal concerts in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). These performances have become a beloved tradition, with recent shows at renowned venues like the Aga Khan Museum Auditorium and the Chinese Cultural Centre earning him great acclaim and appreciation.

Though music holds a special place in his heart, Shoeb Mortoza’s professional life is rooted in software engineering. With over 15 years of experience in various GTA industries, he skillfully combines his technical knowledge with his artistic pursuits, achieving a harmonious balance in his diverse life.

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Shoeb's next solo ghazal concert :-

It’s scheduled for August 31, 2024, at the prestigious Hammerson Hall, Living Arts Centre, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He will be joined by some of Toronto’s finest musicians.

Shoeb Mortoza’s ghazals can be enjoyed on YouTube and his Facebook page by searching for his name.

Good luck Shoeb Mortoza, our best wishes and prayers are always with you ♥️ 

Written by Dr Naila Aziz Meeta

Dr Naila Aziz Meeta

Dr Naila Aziz Meeta

Home town is Bangladesh, live in Australia. Love to write, read, travel, and listening to music.

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