Excellence in dancing – Arpita Shome Choudhury

Excellence in dancing – Arpita Shome Choudhury

Dance, the supreme art form which skillfully embodies the three primary ingredients- BHAVAM, RAGAM and THALAM fascinated her right from childhood. 

She is the daughter of Swapan Kumar Shome,( a Lawyer,) and Rita Shome( a school teacher). They have dedicated their life for shaping me into a dancer and achieved their goal with the great blessings of Lord Almighty.

She started learning dancing at the tender age of five, initial training started at Rajbari Shiplokola Academy guided by Addus Sattar Kalu. After completing HSC she attained a scholarship from ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relation) on dance in 2004 and went to Rabindra Bharati University to do Honours and Masters in Bharatanatyam. She was trained under Guru Khogandra Nath Barman and Rajdeep Banarjee who are the teachers of Bharatanatyam in Rabindra Bharati University.  

Endowed with a pleasing stage presence, She has the ability to bring audience a refreshing presentation of Bharatanatyam, exhibited through strong sense of rhythm, scintillating nritta and lively perform. Her abilities were recognized very early and she has been the recipient of numerous awards at both interschool and intercollegiate levels, apart from having won all round appreciation and accolades from the press and public. 

Blessed with natural flair for the art, and relentless single-minded devotion, she has developed present status as an elite performing artist. Many people feel that dedication to dance will lead to no significant achievement. she consider this state in mind as social issue in Bangladesh. After researching various articles she has seen how it works in overseas. Interested individual abroad get a chance to carry out researches and open doors to further enhancements, while we lack behind due to several restraints. Based on this, people make assumptions that there is no future for dance, and we end up shutting the door to our emerging talents. She believe she has the potentiality to change this mindset. 

In Bangladesh she has joined Shanta Moriyam University as a lecturer at Dance department and also worked as a guest teacher in Dhaka University at Natayakola department. She is also delighted to say that she was teaching at Chayanot(Bangladeshi art centre) and Sadhona (a performing art center) before arriving Australia. She had the pleasurable opportunity to perform and work with legendary dancers in Bangladesh such as Lubna Mariyam, Laila Hasan and many more. However her intention is not to just teach but rather to work with young talented dancers and to encourage them to take dance seriously. She has conducted a 10-days workshop on Bharatanatyam at Nazrul Academy. About 40 participants took part in the workshop. 

She achieved so many awards from home and abroad. She achieved Shiksha Saptaho award holder for Dance in Bangladesh, National award holder from Bangladesh Shishu Academy for Dance. Award holder from Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy and lots of prizes in dance competition. She is an “ A” grade Dance artist in BANGLADESH TELEVISION

She also achieved awards from Sydney. After marriage she settled herself in Sydney with her son Ayush and her husband Shuvro Choudhury. In sydney, she also has conducted a Bhratnatayam dance workshop with Sydwest Multicurltural Inc. Blacktown. Received Best Talented Award in Dance, Sydney 2014 (from Rangdhanu – a Bengali Community Organization) from Cantebury Mayor. She has attended parramasala dance festivals in Indian Council program, Indian Hindu Council Holi Mohotsab, Bharatiya Bidha Vaban Holi Utsab, Sydney Olympic park & Tempe park Pohela Boishak Program. She has performed various stage shows organized by NTV and RTV (Australia) and also performed in so many stage shows.

Her dream to establish a dance school in Sydney where she can enhance my skill to different community. Presently She is running a dance class in small range.

She hopes that her strives towards greater excellence in dancing, passion for Bharatanatyam and other forms of art will endow her with courage to break boundaries and widen horizons in all avenues of life.

Arpita Shome Choudhury
Md Yaqub Ali

Md Yaqub Ali

আমি মোঃ ইয়াকুব আলী। দাদি নামটা রেখেছিলেন। দাদির প্রজ্ঞা দেখে আমি মুগ্ধ। উনি ঠিকই বুঝেছিলেন যে, এই ছেলে বড় হয়ে বেকুবি করবে তাই এমন নাম রেখেছিলেন হয়তোবা। যাইহোক, আমি একজন ডিগ্রিধারী রাজমিস্ত্রি। উচ্চাভিলাষ চরিতার্থ করতে অস্ট্রেলিয়াতে আমার আগমন ২০১৫ সালের মার্চে। আগে থেকেই ফেসবুকে আঁকিবুকি করতাম। ব্যক্তিজীবনে আমি দুইটা জীবের জনক। একটা হচ্ছে পাখি প্রকৃতির, নাম তার টুনটুনি, বয়স আট বছর। আর একজন হচ্ছে বিচ্ছু শ্রেণীর, নাম হচ্ছে কুদ্দুস, বয়স দুই বছর। গিন্নী ডিগ্রিধারী কবিরাজ। এই নিয়ে আমাদের সংসার। আমি বলি টম এন্ড জেরির সংসার যেখানে একজন মাত্র টম (আমার গিন্নী) আর তিনজন আছে জেরি।

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