ACT Multicultural Award Recognises Outstanding Contributions to Create Canberra the Most Liveable City

ACT Multicultural Award Recognises Outstanding Contributions to Create Canberra the Most Liveable City

ACT Multicultural Minister Chris Steel

On Friday 30 August 2019, the ACT Multicultural Minister Honorable Chris Steel announced the winner of the 2019 ACT Multicultural Award and ACT Multicultural Honorary Ambassador Award. During the Award ceremony at the Art Centre of Canberra College, the Minister said that Award provides opportunity to recognise groups, individuals and organisations for their outstanding contributions to supporting welfare and interest in ACT multicultural community.

Minister announced 2019 ACT Multicultural Award winners from four different Award categories: ACT Multicultural Art, Media or Culture Award; ACT Community Organisation (Multicultural Champion) Award; ACT Multicultural Individual Champion Award; and ACT Outstanding Excellence Award for Diversity and Inclusion.

The 2019 ACT Multicultural Award recipients were: Canberra School of Bollywood Dancing (winner) and Ms Varaporn (Nim) Osborne (commendation) under ACT Multicultural Art, Media or Culture Award category; Legal Aid ACT (winner) and Charles Weston School (commendation) under ACT Community Organisation (Multicultural Champion) Award category; Mr Harry Oppermann (winner) and Dr Madhmita Iyengar (Commendation) under ACT Multicultural Individual Champion Award category; and Dr Ajoy Kar (winner) and Dr Sunita Dhindsa (commendation) under ACT Outstanding Excellence Award for Diversity and Inclusion category.  

Mr Rattesh Gumber and Dr Anne Macduff both were announced as the winners of 2019 ACT Multicultural Honorary Ambassador Award.

ACT’s total population is around 420 thousand; one fourth (105 thousand) of them born overseas, and almost 22% of Canberrans speak language other than English at home. To ensure everyone gets the opportunity to truly participate in the community and at the same time celebrating their own cultural identity, the ACT Government is committed to strengthen the inclusion and cohesion through implementing ACT Multicultural Framework (AMF).

The AFM has been designed to enhance the social, economic, cultural and civic development of the ACT and the wellbeing of all Canberrans through: supporting multicultural communities; providing the tools and resources for all Canberrans to reach their full potential; and ensuring that all can benefit from rich and vibrant cultural diversity. ACT Honorary Ambassador program is a commitment under the first action plan of the AFM.

Minister told that the Honorary Ambassadors have a role to actively promote Canberra as a welcoming and inclusive city here and internationally and promote opportunities for investment, trades, cooperation in education and tourism here in Canberra. The ACT Multicultural Honorary Ambassador program creates strong link to the territory to ensure Canberra remains one of the most liveable cities as well as the city of innovation and creativity.

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