An Unforgettable Experience: My First Radio Program

An Unforgettable Experience: My First Radio Program

I’ve been able to take part in an amazing experience that is doing what I’ve always dreamed of. One of my dreams was to have a voice, or to speak to the audience through any type of platform. Would you believe that I, Aurpan Kar, would get to that goal. Yeah, me neither, but here I am, a radio host. You may have heard me on 98.3 2xxfm, on my first program on Ekushey Radio on the 18th of June. I was so excited for my first radio program to be on the air, that it would be hard for me to forget.

Before I tell you how I became interested in radio programs with Ekushey Radio , let me first explain what Ekushey Radio symbolically means to me.

Prior to the 21st of February 2015, I did not know much about Ekush. But when my parents and I participated in the Language Walk around Lake Burly Griffin in Canberra I got some understanding by listening to a variety of speakers including the multicultural minister and Bangladesh High Commissioner, who spoke about the significance of the 21st of February, the International Mother Language Day.

From listening to these speakers I realised that the significance of the language movement in Bangladesh is the basis of the 21st of February which touched me, because I along with my family speak Bangla. More over, by listening to Ekushey Radio’s first program on the 4th of June, I understood that Ekushey Radio is promoting the value of mother language and encouraging everyone to speak their mother language wherever they may be. I became fully aware that mother language is not only for the current generation but also for the future generation. I felt proud to be part of the Bengali community in Australia, and I wanted to join the Ekushey Radio community.

As a newbie I struggled to make a program on my own, but seeing my interest in the program my parents helped me to write the script of my first radio program, but I chose the songs of the program by myself.

Through the making of my first program, anxiety and stress were really coming to me. But I just kept my head up thinking that when it’s over, I will not regret it. And that was true. I’ve never felt so much relief after hearing my program that was aired on 2xxfm.

I was so excited to hear my voice on the radio that I called my friends to see if they were listening as well. Once they did start listening, we all rose from our seats in excitement and cheered.

From this, I learned how to write a script, record my voice and remove background noise before it goes to air. I find this not only a fun activity, but also a great way to develop skills that will benefit me in the future.

My first radio program was a truly an amazing experience which I will never forget.

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