21st Century “Kunta Kinte”!: Revealing the “untold”!

21st Century “Kunta Kinte”!: Revealing the “untold”!

This story with true experience will unveil a new dimension of human conspiracy ever implemented by mankind. It is about the untold story of ‘brutal slavery’, ‘stolen generations’ and the shameful conspiracy socially engineered by the human civilisation belongs to the developed world.

It is about the ‘knowledge slaves’. No one would find the term ‘knowledge slaves’ in today’s dictionary. The term was developed and identified within a strictly confidential hidden conspiracy among the developed countries in the 1950’s. Under this international conspiracy they have been ‘collecting’ targeted human being as ‘knowledge slaves’ from all over the developing world and ‘importing’ them to countries like Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Germany and France to work for the developed world. The ‘knowledge slaves’ are trapped as victim of the attractions, glamour and promises for a better ‘quality of life’ to complement the core theme of this biggest conspiracy, the civilised world have ever experienced! This is the under cover ‘human trafficking” in the name of ‘humanity’!

Yes, I am talking about the ‘international immigration policy’ ‘invented’ by the developed world. This issue was discussed heavily in the 1960’s as ‘brain drain’ when a lot of Canadians were migrating to the USA for a ‘better life’.

I know it sounds odd! I know it sounds crazy! But I would like to promote this school of thought as a real conspiracy theory!

In 1989, we ‘willingly’ came to Australia as ‘migrant’ with great ‘selfish’ hope to improve our own quality of life leaving our parents and siblings overseas in a developing country. We did not have any clue that we were part of a huge international socially conspiracy engineered over a long period of time. We were “imported” and slowly exploited to upgrade the quality of life for “Australians” by working for Australia and not even doing anything for the Indigenous Australians or migrants like us in those initial days of ‘slavery’.

It took more than 20 years for me to understand the deep meaning of the ‘migration’ policy for the developed world. Migration policy is the civilised title for ‘Slave Catching’. They are not physically torturing us, we are not chained like “Kunta Kinte”, the African slave, but we are trapped with an invisible chain of pre-planned imposed “commitments” and “liabilities” on us!

This is probably the greatest conspiracy in relation to procure slaves since ‘Kunta Kinte’ as portrayed by Alex Halley in his novel “Roots”.

I am one of the victims! A ‘knowledge slave’ of the 21st century.

I know at this stage all of you are thinking “Go back to your country, where you have come from then”!

I can’t blame you. You are absolutely right and I will go back once I am free from my ‘trapped’ life. But that is not an easy escape!

This is my story!
It only has a beginning but no ending yet as it is an ongoing irony, an ongoing journey for lot of us. The conclusion is in your hand, how you as the witness of this conspiracy would like to end this story!!

(To be continued in Priyo Australia in 2012)

Farhadur Reza Probal

Farhadur Reza Probal

Architect Farhadur Reza FIAB MPIA

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