A heart whelming Appeal

A heart whelming Appeal

I’d like to take this opportunity to bring to your awareness a story, a story about the life of an ordinary Bangladeshi no different to you and I. Mahbub Alam a middle aged man like us had to fulfill the shoes of responsibility, in looking after his family consisting of his young wife and two delightful children. The unfortunate passing of his father at a very young age left Mr. Alam in charge of a house hold of 6 other siblings as well as his elderly mother. Day in and day out of his life he had pursued and pushed himself to his maximum abilities in order to maintain the lives of his loved ones, putting others before himself and compromising nothing in order to perfect the lives of others.

Now at the young age of forty due to unfortunate reasons Mr. Alam is helpless in hospital dreading every moment closer to the last. Not one but two kidney failures leave him vulnerable and day after day a decreasing amount of hope in his heart. He has persisted and even travelled to Madras to seek medical treatment which unfortunately has had no positive outcome. As an average Bangladesh government employee financially Mr. Alam has dished out every last penny to his affordability to pay for all expenses such as his trips for treatments abroad and his present medical status, surviving on dialysis. Sooner or later Mr. Alam will not have the sufficient amount of money to survive, to sustain his own life. Losing ones innocent life due to lack of money is appalling and as a privileged community together we can prevent this from happening. Let us reflect upon our own lives; the things which make us happy and grateful, the smallest materialistic items which impact the completion of our already healthy lives. All Mr. Alam longs for is another opportunity, another chance and just a small light beaming through the gaps of his dark journey which will allow him to breathe a breath of relief; a breath of life.

If we all look deep down into our hearts and contribute, collect and gather some funds it would not only benefit Mr. Alam but also his family and friends who hold his hands through this time of grief and misery. The smallest of contributions could make the biggest difference. Be a giver, a contributor to the ones in need, in need of life.

In the words of Buddha,
“Before giving, the mind of a giver is happy;
While giving, the mind of a giver is made peaceful;
And have given the mind of a giver is uplifted. “

For those of you who are interested in directly donating money I have embedded the bank account details below; and for those would like to gain more knowledge about this appeal please feel free to reply to this email or contact my dad Kamruzzaman Balark on 0438381179 for further inquiries.

Bank details: Westpac Bank, Rowville Branch, Melbourne, Australia
Account name: Renaissance Drama Society Melbourne Inc.
BSB number: 033149, Account number: 184398

Thank you

Nodee Zaman
Student at John Monash Science School (JMSS)

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