Tajuddin Kausar a Bangladeshi terrorist husband!

Tajuddin Kausar a Bangladeshi terrorist husband!

Tajuddin, the terrorist husband she wishes she had never known

In August last year a Sydney poet — an anti-racism and peace activist, a woman we’ll call Stella Smith — published a short poem of lament called Second Earth.
In another world
Just like this one,
Parallel to mine,
Is a life where I never met you. And for that I am grateful.

The man she married, A.T.M. Tajuddin Kausar, known as Taj, a Bangladeshi who arrived in Australia in 2006 to study computer science and engineering at the University of NSW, turned out not to be the man she thought he was. They divorced last year, ¬according to his family, and she pursued a doctorate in history, passing with flying colours.

“Got me that Class 2, Division 1 Honours in History! Boo yah!” she tweeted this month, before closing down her Facebook and Twitter accounts, changing her email identity and attempting to erase her internet existence.

“Stella Smith” has gone into hiding, physically and virtually, and says she has serious concerns for her family’s safety. And Tajuddin? It is alleged he left his family and Australia to become a terrorist and a recruiter for Islamic State. He’s alleged to have convinced several young Bangladeshis, one from Monash University’s Malaysian campus, to sign up for a death mission.

Police around the world now seek to interview him as part of an investigation into Bangladesh’s worst terrorist attack.

Details at http://www.theaustralian.com.au/in-depth/terror/tajuddin-the-terrorist-husband-she-wishes-she-had-never-known/news-story/ef011ca8023c6b060f61f414f6add33c

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