What about Consumer!

What about Consumer!

A letter published in the ‘Herald Sun’ (dated 2nd May, 2013) is somehow different from other expression regarding Savar tragedy. Bangladeshi workers are working as slave said by Pope, this type of comments are appearing in the newspaper. The world showed grave concern in this sad occurrence. While almost everybody (the greed driven owners, the irresponsible corrupted authority etc.) blaming each other for this tragedy at least there are some people who express their responsibility in the happening of this human tragedy. Some might disagree but it is thought provoking as well. One poet wrote “it is your sin, it is my sin… ”

Pl. read the letter below

“Cheap clothing at a very high price
How many more tragedies will there be before we understand that our push for lowest prices puts others in extreme danger.

The building collapse in Bangladesh- where hundreds perished making $5 T-shirts and $5oo brand name goods- is the latest example of people dying for our unsustainable, consumption-driven lifestyles. Big- name brands and companies try to make amends by offering compensation. But what about us consumers?

Will we keep buying $5 T-shirts at the offering us lowest prices? Or will we take responsibility for our contribution to this problem and buy responsibly?

Only when consumers demand better conditions for those who supply us, and accept the costs, will the situation change.

If we don’t want more people dying on our unsustainable behalf. It’s time our money talking- and we spend it where life is valued.

Judy Bamberger,O’Connor. ACT( Australian Capital Territory)

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