Russian scientists promise to make you immortal

Russian scientists promise to make you immortal

If you can just hold on for another 33 years or so, Russian researchers are promising to make you immortal – kind of.

Their goal is to create a human-like android, capable of housing a human brain, which would direct the body to carry out human functions as normal.

They claim the android will even contain your memories – sort of like a projection of your human mind into a robot’s body.

But don’t get too excited.

The team of dedicated scientists hasn’t quite figured out all the kinks just yet, like, you know, actually getting your brain into the android, but they insist they’re on their way.

They do believe they could build a robot to act as a ‘human proxy’ by 2020, and could be able to transfer a brain into the machine five years later.

Their ultimate goal is to have a fully functioning avatar of a human – with functioning body, mind and memories – by 2045.

Like we say, don’t hold your breath.

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