It's Time. (In collaboration with Shuktika Bose)

It's Time.  (In collaboration with Shuktika Bose)

It’s Time.

Think of the now childless mothers

Innocent people killed mercilessly

Civilians dying, no rhyme or reason

And the resulting unsealable wounds

All for the right to bear arms.

And it’s apparently your right due to 1791?

Look around you, don’t you see?

8 massacres in one year

Thanks to rights no longer required.

Its time for change

My brother of yesteryear.

For too long you have sat back

Proudly claiming the right to protection

While the rest of the world objects


From a paranoid mother

Deal with the issues in your head

So we no longer lose lives

By your hand.


I’m talking to you.

Be the change you dreamed for your country

Be the hope for which your people beg

Make the red white and blue worthwhile again!

Take a stand and control this situation.

Unite the divided.

And make gun control a law.

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