Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open

You out their do you hear me?

Can you hear me when I speak?

Do you hear me when I scream?

Do you see me when I cry?

Hello out their.

How much has change I wonder.

Do I still matter?

Hello out their with the blue eyes

did you know I love you

did you know I still care.

To my children I ache to tell you

How I miss your laughter.

Of days gone by that I have missed.

Doctor Doctor I know you can hear me out their!

You can see my eyes wonder!

Can you see the life I had

Can you see my hope still their.

Doctor doctor Im speaking to you

cant you hear my thoughts?

Im trying to talk to you

Ive been trying for the last 15 years.

Hello out their anyone at all.

I have my eyes wide open

still desperately.

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