Exclusive photos : সেদিনের বিডিআর দরবার হলের কিছু ছবি

Exclusive photos : সেদিনের বিডিআর দরবার হলের কিছু ছবি

Inside Darbar Hall,25 Feb 09:02 am

0903 am, all the officers are sitting on chair at right,just before the darbar start.

Lt Col Enayet is handing over the parade to Col Muzib.

Col Mujib is giving parade to DG. Initially media made propaganda that DG BDR shot at the troops.(ADC and Brig Gen Bari behind,later on 2 soldiers came from behind the curtains with SMG,they were tasked to shot DG, but they could not fire,rather they became fainted)

First man came out from back with a SMG and could not fire,fall down fainted and other officers held him.

Second man came out and also could not fire,fall down fainted and many officers rush to neutralize him. (here,no soldier and no JCO came to tackle the situation, At right the one JCO is anxiously monitoring the situation,and as none of the two soldiers could fire,this JCO went outside and gave signal to another armed group that mission is not successful,and thereby they started fire from outside)

As both of the two are fainted,they were being nursed by the officers. (at right JCOs are starting to go outside as per the plan)

Same above…!

Officers are trying to make him conscious by rinsing water.

One officer rank of Colonel is nursing the killer,rinsing water . this man is in interrogation now and according to his statement and described by the survivors another was near the exit door,( look no soldier is coming,by this time troops were leaving the darbar hall silently and the left over was around 80 officers and the two killers.) after the troops leaving all the officers were trapped inside the darbar hall and they started firing. when firing was tarted,officers rought back the another soldier dragging from the door so that shots dont hit him. later on both of them actively participated on killing.

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