Message from Gary Caine, Indigenous Leader, Australia to BEN, BAPA and PriyoAustralia

Message from Gary Caine, Indigenous Leader, Australia to BEN, BAPA and PriyoAustralia

Welcome – Welcome – Welcome … to everybody in attendance here now in the 4th International Conference for the BEN (Bangladesh Environment Network) and the BAPA (Bangladesh Poribesh Andalon) Event On-line in concert with the Pro-Environment Activists of BEN & BAPA and the Spirit of the Bangladeshi Country & Her People, in global but local contexts …

In Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) of the Land-of-Oz, Australia, for the next consecutive days, We are to share a Dynamic & Relevant staging of The Conference Agenda sent and set forth to find A CLEANER AIR on notions to do with Mother Earth, Her ENVIRONMENT and ACTIVISMS, Local & Global, in contexts of intra-NATIONAL Appreciations, and our urgencies EMERGENT.

This WELCOME is in The Coming to All-of-Oz’s Lands & Her People, centred here Now in Her ACT, surrounded by cultured Countries, Kin & Kind by identities as thus:

  • Ngarigu
  • Ngunnawal
  • Maneroo
  • Wolgalu
  • Pejar
  • The Brindabellas
  • Braidwood, itself, 80 kilometres east of the Oz-Nation’s Capital City.

The social & natural Beauties of OurPlanet are exemplified by this Canberra Venue and its magnificence by example …

The SANDON POINT Project has “A POINT” in an overarching word, that being SOVEREIGNTY per se, and its underlying inclusions of POLICY & DIRECTION innovation in the myriad of DEVELOPMENTAL IMPACTS at a particularly sensitive Aboriginal Cultural heritages’ imbued SITE. The journey through This Current Project has been ENLIGHTENMENT Cross- & Multi- CULTURALLY for all whom have ENGAGED. The Sandon Point project currently celebrates its own 20th Anniversary, akin to OUR 4th ICBEN a Happening Event Here & Now:

May The Good Spirits prevail until Our Closure & Farewell, until THE Next-time.

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