Fourth folksong album of Mahbub Pial titled “Monmonora Pakhi” is released

Fourth folksong album of Mahbub Pial titled “Monmonora Pakhi” is released

Laser Vision released the fourth folksong album of Mahbub Pial titled “Monmonora Pakhi”. This album is mainly a compilation of rustic folk songs of oriental mysticism, commonly known as Moromi and Murshidi songs. What is highlighted on the album’s cover flap is how the mystic Sufism has immensely influenced and changed the esoteric doctrinal essence and practices within this sub-continental geographical periphery. Sages and hermits have extended it into a wider dimension and created a distinctive harmony and unity. These rustic mystics are carrying along and creating an opportunity allowing the distinctive genre and trend of arcane stream surge through incalculable Bhakti-Bhaba (solemn dedication and sheer reverence) of the Vaishnabha and the Bauls of this soil. Though these songs are considered as part of the esoteric knowledge and some portrays the ritualistic practices and answers quests regarding the Realm of the Unknown in depth, they also show us or a seeker the true path to reach out the realm of the Higher Intelligence and the surrounding parallel dimensions. In this accord, Mahbub Pial released this compilation of his fourth album “Monmonora Pakhi” consisting some rare and some presently surfaced Moromi and Murshidi songs.

There are 8 tracks in this album titled ‘Khoda ek bhab dhoriya manush loiya premer khelay mogno achhe’, ‘Mona jaloa jaal felalo e bhobo shongshare’, ‘Ki loiya jaiyum ghore shondhyakale ailaam bazaare’, ‘Murshid dhon he kemone chinibo tomaare’, ‘Amaar bhabonar kintu dur hoilo na shunen go Murshid’, ‘Paglare mona je tore korechhe shristi bhab tahare’, ‘Ki shundor ek ghor banaichhe re Moula’, and ‘Monmonora paki amaar shikol kaat pakhire’. The musicians who rendered their contributions are Almas Ali – Violin, Milon Bhattachariya – Dhol and Tabla, Shahidul Islam – Flute, Al Junaid Didar – Do’tara, Ranjeet Karmakar – Percussion and directed by Sajjadur Rahman. Al Junaid Didar also was in charge of the total management of this album.

Mahbub Pial, upon completion of his Ph.D from Durham University, engaged himself in teaching at Independent University, Bangladesh. He is a versatile talent being a poet, a researcher of folklore and archaic cultural heritages and a gifted songster. Besides his professional responsibilities, he feels the urge in his blood stream to roam around the remotest ruins and villages in search of reminiscence of ancient civilizations, or cults and sects who practices somewhat pastoral and pragmatic yet simplistic and idealistic rituals, in pursuit of esoteric knowledge and presents his findings to the modern civic audience. He has previously presented three albums titled, ‘Kon Ronge Dakore’, ‘Megh Raja’, and Gange Noya Paani’.

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