Singer Roquaiya Hasina Neely

Singer Roquaiya Hasina Neely
Album: Baaje Jharnar Gaan

Track 1 Onek Kotha Bole Chile

Track 2 Ami Keboli Shopono Korechi

Track 3 Chader Hashir Badh Bhengeche

Track 4 Aaji Jhoro Jhoro Mukhoro

Track 5 Ai Kothati Mone Rekho

Track 6 OJonaki, Ki Shukhe Oi Dana Duti

Track 7 Ogo Dokhin Hawoa

Track 8 Je Tumay Chare Charuk

Track 9 Tumaro Ashiley Pran Mon Roye

Track10 Shojoni Shojoni Radhika Lo

Music teacher at Chayanat – 1977 – 1993, Artist in Bangladesh TV and Radio, 1977 till today; (Gradation: In Radio — Special In TV — Special); Artist in Channel One, Channel i, NTV, Boishakhi, TN in Bangladesh

Awarded first prize in music competition held at Dhaka University, 1977; Solo performance organized by Puja Committee, NY, 1986; Solo performance organized by Ottawa Bangladesh Association, Canada, 1986; Solo performance – the 75th anniversary of Noble Prize Winning of Tagore, NY, 1986; Solo performance organized by Durgapuja Committee, Albeni, NY, 1987; Solo performance organized by Chaynat Canada branch, Toronto, July 27, 2005; Attended a Talk Show, Shuvo Shondha, NTV, December 14, 2006; Interview Broadcasted by Channel One, Shuprovat Bangladesh, December 26, 2006

Attended cultural function at Rabindra Mela -A Tagore Festival in New Jersey, USA. 27 May 1989. Attended cultural function in 1998 as an invited artist. Bangla Language and Literary Society, Singapore, organized the function; Attended as a national artist in a cultural function in observance of Tagore’s birth and death anniversaries, 1997-2002. The functions organized by the Bangladesh Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

For more look at the attachment below. | Link posted by Prof. Shahidul Hassan.

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