Shahadat Manik with Shiraj Uddin Ahmed Dalim (freedom fighter) of Bangladesh

Shahadat Manik with Shiraj Uddin Ahmed Dalim (freedom fighter) of Bangladesh

Video interview with freedom fighter Mr Shiraj Uddin Ahmed Dalim in our first episode of Ei Kothati Mone Rekho (এই কথাটি মনে রেখো” #১).

Host: Shahadat Manik

Arrangement: Robin Guda, Shampa Barua

Camera: Rafiqa Manik Mona, Shaheer Manik Rohan, Robin Guda

Video Edit: Shahadat Manik

Background Music: Mohammod Khan Mintoo

Special Thanks to: Hasibul Haque, Satila Zafreen

Interview date: 9 July 2014; Ei Kothati Mone Rekho #1

We at PriyoAustralia are excited to launch its upcoming series of media project to digitally capture and study the past, present and future of the Australian “probashi Bangali” community. We will build an exciting archive that will be made available to the world to showcase historical information and experiences of individuals, families, important events, or everyday life around Australia using high quality audio-visual interviews. These interviews will be conducted with people who participated or witnessed past events and people who are actively working to bring about social/cultural change that is particularly important for the present and the future of the Bangali community. We believe it’s our duty to preserve the memories and perceptions of these individuals to be preserved as a memento for the future generations.

Do you have what it takes to be part of initiatives that will preserve the history of Bangali (Bengali) Migrants in Australia?
Audio/video history strives to obtain information from different perspectives and most of these cannot be found in written sources. All of our media project work will be published in a popular online daily on a regular basis.

What we need now?
Pro/semi pro/amateur, volunteer needed for HD digital media project in Australia (mainly in Canberra and Sydney):
• Story/Script writer
• Host/Presenter/Interviewer
• Research personals to investigate facts
• Video Editor (preferable with adobe premiere experience)
• Cameraman (preferably with semi/pro HD cam)
• Light artiest
• Sound artiest
• Costume artiest
• Make-up artiest
• Studio (interior design) artiest
• Project Manager
• Investors (based on projects)

Interested individuals need to be available at least once a month (couple of hours to full day) with medium to long term commitment.

For project details please contact Shahadat Manik on mobile: 0416119969; e-mail your expression of interest to

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