Nadiya Hussain is Beyond Ignorant – No Bengali Dessert

Nadiya Hussain is Beyond Ignorant – No Bengali Dessert

“What absurdity is this??!!?! Just because her parents (extended family) weren’t as well off and couldn’t really afford the those things, it doesn’t mean that ‘Bangladesh’ doesn’t have a concept of it. Her parents had 6 children and her grandfather had 67, it isn’t difficult to understand, why the situation was as such in her family. However, she has no right to generalise the cuisine of an nation like this. This is the thing about the diaspora that I don’t like. She is ‘British’ now why does she need to make such a sweeping comment regarding the fact that we don’t have the ‘CONCEPT’ of ‘desserts’,” – See more at:…

আরিফুর রহমান

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