About Bongobir M A G Osmani

About Bongobir M A G Osmani

Bongobir General Mohommod Ataul Gani (M.A.G) Osmany Commander-in-chief of liberation war (Muktijudder Shorbadhinaek), 1st Commander-in-chief of Bangladesh Forces and Founder of JATIYO JANATA PARTY.

Osmany was born in Sunamganj, Sylhet Division on 1st September 1918. He was a descendant of Shah Nizamuddin Osmany of Dayamir, Balaganj, who came to Sylhet with Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) in 1303. Their immediate family members live in the village of Dayamir. His father’s name is late Khan Bahadur Mofizur Rahman and mother’s name is late Jubadakhatun. Osmany passed matriculation from Sylhet Government Pilot School in 1934, securing 1st division marks which was a rare feat in those times. Like many Muslim Bengali students of the era, He attended Aligarh Muslim University, India and graduated in 1938. Osmany then registered for M.A. in geography at the same institution, also took the Indian Civil Service examination as per his father’s wishes and passed. The advent of ‘World War II’ Osmany making plans for diverting his career civilian to military. This was probably the only time he went against the wishes of his father.

In 3rd July 1939 Osmany started military career as a cadet under the British Indian Army. He got commission on 1940 after completion his military education at Dehradun Military Academy. Osmany was promoted to the rank of Captain on 17th February 1941 and February 1942 he promoted to Major. He became youngest Major at the age of 23 in the British Indian Army. The birth of India and Pakistan when the British Empire dissolved in 1947 following the departure of the Lord Mountbatten, Governor General of British India, Osmany joined the newly formed Pakistan Army on 7th October 1947 and was soon promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In 1948 he passed P.S.C degree from Kuata Staff College. He was appointed senior aide to the Chief of the General Staff in 1949. Lt.Col Osmany was immediately posted to 1st East Bengal Regiment, East Pakistan in October 1951. In 1951 to 1955 he was station commander at Khulna, Josshor, Dhaka, and Chittagong. In 1955 he was Additional Commandant of E.P.R now which is called D.D.G. During this posting Osmany was promoted to Colonel in 1956 and joined the Pakistan Army GHQ at Rawalpindi in West Pakistan and retired from Pakistani Armed Forces on 16th February 1967.

In July 1970 he joined Bangladesh Awamileage and in December he was elected M.N.A from a big constitnery formed by Biswanath, Balagong, Golopgong and Fenchigang thanas. 25th March night 1971 when Pak-Army Attacked Bengalis started Muktti-Juddho. Osmany on the 29th March left Dhaka and go to Comilla border. In the bank of HALADA River he organized the muktti-juddas. On the 4th April a metting held at taliapara tea garden under his leadership, Lt.Colonel M.A.Rob, Major Khaled Musharaf, Major Ziaur Rahman, Major Shofiullah, Major Kaji Nurujjman, Major Nurul Islam,Major Momin Chowdhury and other melitary persons were attend that meeting and he was selected as Commander-In-Chief of liberation war.On 10th April Formed Exile Govt. and 12th April he was appointed Commander-In-Chief of the liberation war, 17th April Exile Govt. took oath at Kustia, Meharpur, Baddanath Tola naming the place as MujibNogor and naming the government as MujibNogor government. Where Osmany formally took the charge of C-IN-C. After the Independence of Bangladesh he was promoted as General which was activated from 16th Dec 1971.

General Osmany resigned from his post of C-IN-C on 7th April 1972 Government notification as follows:-
No.01/17/72 (NGO) 108-DEF/SECY-7th April 1972 with a view to effectively participate in the proceedings of the Constituent Assembly as an MCA, General M.A.G Osmany P.S.C. MCA resigned his appointment of post as Commander-In-Chief, Bangladesh forces and his resignation having been accepted by the president, he vacated the temporary appointment of C-IN-C Bangladesh forces with effective from 7th April 1972(forenoon) accordingly he is reverted to the pension list.

NO.01/31-33/72-110(3)-DEF/SECY- 7th April 1972 with the vacation of the appointment of temporary c-in-c, Bangladesh Forces, the combined command of Bangladesh Forces has been abolished with effect from 7th April 1972 (Forenoon) and replaced by three separate commands for the Bangladesh Army. Navy and Air Force with the following acting chiefs of stuff with immediate effect and until farther orders: – etc.

On the 12th April 1972 he took oath as a Cabinet Minister. In the year 1973 he was elected as Member of Parliament and took oath again as cabinet minister. In the month of May 1974 he resigned from the cabinet. In the month of January 1975 he opposed the abolition of parliamentary democracy and introduction of one party system called “BAKSHAL” by the 4th amendment of the constitution and then he resigned from the post of M.P and also resigned from Awamileage.

On the 29th August to 3rd November 1975 he become the advisor of the president with some conditions.

On the 5th September 1976 he along with former M.P Asraf Ali, Ferdous Ahmed Kurashi, majharul Haque Baki, former M.P Nurul Islam Khan and others formed JATIYO JANATA PARTY.

In the year 1978 and 1981 he contested presidential Election against Mr.President Ziaur Rahman and against Mr.President Shattar but could not succeeded.

Bongobir Genaral M A G Osmany died at the age of 66 years on 16th February 1984 Bangladesh time 4p.m at St.Pol hospital in London. He was buried at Dorgha-E-Shajalal Major graveyard on the 20th February 1984.

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