I Believe

I Believe

I believe that I am my own being
my thoughts are of my own and so is my belief.

I believed you are my maker but not my decider
my beliefs are derived from you but
not deprived.

I choose to believe god is everywhere I see
and believed the temple is in my heart.

I believe the prophet has his own belief
and so should you.

I choose to think books are made for reading
minds are made for thinking
and the heart is made for beating.

These are my beliefs
they belong to me and know one but me.

I have been taught each life is precious
those that were sacrificed in 71
were the lives that will never be forgotten.

Those that killed such honorable people
are not the disciples of god
rather the twisted beliefs that should have
disappeared with time
unlike the aching wound
that a parent will always and never heal.

I believe we are at an uprising
to stop these cowards and their raising!

The right to my own opinion cannot be suppressed
even when you detest
it is a test at best!

A test to my willpower
a test to your beliefs
A test to my tolerance
and a test to your morals.

I believe lives can be taken
and it leaves me shaking.
Wanting to scream in outrage!
that justice must be bought
and no longer delayed
42 years is long enough
for unrest souls.

For the thousands that were killed
and for millions that were used as bystanders.

I believe all of this
purely because justices delayed is

justice denied!

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