It is the root of my beingthe language of my fore fathers.
the identity to my soul.
The dream that Sheikh Mujibur Rahmanlead our country to victory.

Tis what our solders sacrificed their lives for
so happily and willingly screaming and shouting ” joy bangla”.

For the mother that sacrificed her son
and the sister that sacrificed her brother
the wife that waved her husband goodbye.

You will not be forgotten.
My motherland you are sewn deep within soul
in the core of my being You beatin every word i speak.

You are hopes are embedded with the children of tomorrow .
A tomorrow i pray to god is far better then the country i see today.
If Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was alive today i wonder what he would say.

What would he say to all the hate in this country?
What would he say to the the corruption?
to the needless killing of innocent lifeso high in numbers, so easily tossed aside.

What would he think of his government
who use his children like pawns in a game of chess.

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