The Child Inside (Dedicated to my Best Friend)

The Child Inside (Dedicated to my Best Friend)

When you are young you are told
dreams are their just waiting to unfold.
Waiting to be seen
waiting to be heard
waiting just to come alive
all you have to do is believe.

So you work,
work a little harder
begin to wonder knowing all well
dreams are inside us to ponder.

When you are young
you are told
my darling son you are
my tomorrow
forever the cure to my sorrow.

When you are older
you are warned
dream a little smaller
learn to hope no longer.
Why worry about the future
you think when today you can barely speak.
Speak for the boy once that existed inside you
who showed you the hope for a better tomorrow.

Years pass by and you are weary
wondering dear boy where have you disappeared to.
Gone you are with my hopes and dreams,
gone you are with my wish to be all that I can be.

My dear childhood I do miss you,
how you were filled with so much hope for
my tomorrow.

“Enough is enough!” you think to yourself
I am still capable for my tomorrow.
I am stronger then my yesterday
because of my sorrows.

I am the change still
for my tomorrow,
against all this pain and sorrow.
My dreams are stronger than all
this sorrow.
This will be my reason
for my dreams, for my tomorrow.
Dreams so grand
will so outstanding
it is only residing inside my soul
to be this bold
to stand up and go against
what you are told.
To step against the rat race
and learn to go at your own
My dear child I see you linger
somewhere deep inside me once again.
This time you think to yourself
I will not cast you aside as days go by,
because you are there to keep my dream

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