In The Pitch of Darkness

In The Pitch of Darkness

In the pitch darkness all you can do is sit still
till you get used to the dark.

Sit their till all your hope is gone
till the shine has dimmed down.
till it is no more.

If you’re sitting in pitch darkness
concentrate on the flicker of light that shines
Concentrate on the warmness it provides to you.
Feel it till it fully absorbing.

Let it be known that goodness is out
That somewhere out there,
there is someone who cares.
Cares for the beautiful soul that is
inside of you,
for the smile that brings to your face.

Let it be known that evil only recedes in your soul
and tis up to you how much attention you want
to give to the voice inside your head.

I hear it now saying , “Give up!” its saying.
“Do not hope for things you cannot achieve
seek for happiness you cannot find.
Aim for the sky when all you see around
is the ground.

In the pitch of darkness a man can either
get used to the darkness or concentrate on the
flickering light of hope.

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