“NO” to Us and Them!!

“NO” to Us and Them!!

“NO” to Us and Them!!

another Farhad Reza thinking

Advance Australia Fair

“Australian signature” for love and care.

But still, it is about…..

“us and them”

Though we are shining

as one Australian “gem”.

Are we still not one!

Are we still not one!

Aren’t we all Australian?

Advance Australia Fair

Spreading the news of “equality” as bare.

From the Top we had an apology

Acceptance for a true historic chronology!

Few thousands years of waiting!

One hundred years in making!

In my own land, I was renting!

My own culture, I was hiding!

My own pride, I was loosing!

My own language, I wasn’t talking!


Something hopeful is happeningJ

Advance Australia Fair and I,

My hopes will never die.

One day,

We will again celebrate the “dream time”

Australians will play “one song”, “one mime”.

We Australians will sing the same line

With the tune of didgeridoo and chime.

Advance Australia Fair and us,

We won’t allow “equality” to pass.

We have a “dream”

In joyful strains now let us sing

There won’t be “us and them”

We will bring one, Australian fame!

It is our country our nest

We have to make it as the best.

We all will progress it together

By holding our hands with each other

We all have lot to offer

Lot of works to share

To Advance Australia Fair.

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