Ballad Of The Blind Girl* by Dilruba Shahana

Ballad Of The Blind Girl*  by Dilruba Shahana

She obeyed the norms of the time
She agreed with the rules of the game.
Only the people remained uninformed
That she was not to be tamed.

She decided to be blind
Cover her eyes with a piece of cotton,
It is her decision to be so.
Stop seeing the beauty of mother earth,
Stop going in her own east -west or north-south.
Stop seeing the beloved one.
Never saw the face of her man
She helplessly accepted her fate
To become a blind man’s mate.
She became blind by choice
Everyone praise, praise and praise.
Praise her for what?
For being as blind as her husband!
Seems she was docile,
Accepted the blind man with smile.
But expressed rage and sadness
Manifested her protests;
By turning her eyes away from the world
Full of injustice and lack of kindness.

* After reading the story by Dr. Bani Basu ‘Anajana’ based on the theme of Mahabharat

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