Iftar Party 2011 hosted by Australia Bangladesh Association Inc Victoria

Iftar Party 2011 hosted by Australia Bangladesh Association Inc Victoria

Dear respected community members,

The holy month of Ramadan 1432(H) has begun with promises of blessings, forgiveness and salvation from Allah. This is the month of revelation to earth of the holy Quran, and of attaining spiritual excellence and self-purification in personal and social life through fasting, self-restraint and other religious rituals. Fasting is the third pillar of Islam and compulsory for all physically able and mentally sound adult Muslims. Devotees refrain from food, drink, smoke and all sorts of physical gratification during day hours. It was on Lailat-ul-Qadr in this month that the holy Quran was revealed to guide mankind along the right path.

As the holy month of Ramadan begins, Australia Bangladesh Association Inc Victoria would like to announce its annual Iftar party as:

Venue: Tarneit Community Learning Centre

150 Sunset Views Blvd

(Crn Leakes Road), Tarneit VIC 3029.


Date: Sunday, 28th August 2011
Time: Arrival at 5:30pm for Iftar/prayer at 5:58pm, followed by dinner

Iftar Party proudly sponsored by:

· Dhaka Restaurant

· Madhumoti Restaurant

· Bhorer Pakhi Store

(attached is a promotional flyer of our sponsor)

On behalf of Australia Bangladesh Association executive committee members, we invite you all to come along and join in the sombre religious gathering and have Iftar and dinner with your fellow community members.

Dear fellow community members, Ramadan is an occasion for us to strengthen family and community ties and share Allah’s gifts with those in need. Let us pray and hope that as the holy and cherished month begins, we will witness the beginning of a new era of peace and tolerance around the globe. May the holy month make all to exercise self-restraint and seek divine blessings by working for welfare of all.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Yours sincerely,

Australia Bangladesh Association Inc, Victoria.

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