Melbourne: Eid Ul Adha confirmed from Board of Imams and ICV for this Monday the 8th of December

Melbourne: Eid Ul Adha confirmed from Board of Imams and ICV for this Monday the 8th of December

Bismillaher Rahman-er Rahim

Eid Ul Adha confirmed from Board of Imams and ICV for this Monday the 8th of December
Eid Salah timing arrival 7:30, Salah 8:00am on Monday December 8 at the Nottinghill Community Center

Reminder for Qurbani Arrangements 2008
For Melbourne ($85 for lamb, $75 for Sheep, $140 for Cow share) and Bangladesh ($80 per share cow or goat)

Eid Reunion on Sunday December 14, at Nottinghill Community Center,
Program starts 1:30pm after Dhur Salah in congregation InshahAllah

Assalam-u- Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu.

We have received confirmation of the Eid ul Adha date from the ICV and the board of imams, the date for Eid ul Adha this year is Monday the 8th of December 2008.

Al Ehsan centre will arrange the Eid Salat congregation at the Notting Hill Community centre.
Venue:Notting Hill Community Centre, 386 Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill.( Melway Reference 70 H7)
DateMonday, 8th December
Arrival and Bayan (discussion) 7:30 am
Salah Start : 8:00 am (sharp)
Khutba and dua till 8:30am
Exchange traditional Eid greetings and share refreshments after Dua.
Please bring a traditional Eid dish to share with others. We will, in~sha~Allah, provide soft drinks and tea/ coffee.

An Eid reunion will be held on Sunday the 14th December in the afternoon following Duhr Salah at 1:30pm at the same location in
Nottinghill Community Center followed by a BYO Lunch and Children’s activities.

Al Ehsan Centre is assisting with the arrangements for Qurbani both in Melbourne and also in Bangladesh. If you would like to make arrangements for the Qurbani in Bangladesh or Melbourne through Al Ehsan Center, please send in your request with the information in the attached request sheet and call or email us. For Qurbani arranged in Bangladesh the Qurbani meat will be fully distributed to the poor people and/or to orphanages. Don’t forget you can also encourage your non Bangladeshi friends and colleagues to give Qurbani in Bangladesh. Pick up of meat in Melbourne will be on Tuesday the 9th between 6:30 to 7:30 from Clayton South. See full details for Qurbani Below.

For any queries, or offers of assistance with any of the programs of Al-Ehsan Centre please contact the undersigned or any of the board/ council members of Al Ehsan Centre or email us at or . May Allah accept our sacrifices.

We are also requesting all of you to continue to make special dua for all of us here for the continued safety and prosperity of all in the community, and specially the future generations. Wishing you all a blissful Eid-ul- Adha. Eid Mubarak

Yours in Islam
On behalf of Al-Ehsan BOM
Md. Rafiqul Islam, Member – Islamic Culture Arshad Haque, Co-ordinator

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