Bangladesh Association of Darwin Inc. commemorates Independence Day

Bangladesh Association of Darwin Inc. commemorates Independence Day

Dear all
Bangladesh Association Of Darwin Inc.commemorates the 39th Year of Independence of Bangladesh (26 March, 1971)

Please see attached flyer for details. Please also note the following:

* There will be Maghrib Prayer performed at the venue at 7pm followed by Cultural Program.
* The Event will conclude with Dinner, which has been organised as “Bring a dish” coordinated by Bappi Chowdhury (Nargis). Anyone who has not heard from Nargis or has any enquiry regarding this matter is encouraged to get in touch with her.
* As the venue only contains limited number of chairs, everyone is requested to bring a chair. We apologise for this inconvenience.

We hope to count on your attendance at this event and give us all your support.


Sofia ALAM
Chairperson for the Cultural sub-committee
Bangladesh Association of Darwin Inc

Bangladesh Association of Darwin Inc. commemorates Independence Day of Bangladesh At Sanderson Middle School, Anula On Saturday, April 3, 2010 At 7.20 PM

Program Schedule:
7.20 PM: Introduction to Cultural Program : Sofia Alam
7.25 PM: Opening Speech : Nazma Rahman
7.30 PM: Children’s Tagore Song by Bangla School Students : Coordinator – Hasina Momtaz
7.40 PM: Independence Day Drama : Director/Choreographer/Script Writer – Sofia Alam; Fighting Action Coordinator – Zahirul Alam; Compere – Maliha Mahboob
8.40 PM: Closing : Sofia Alam
8.50 PM: Stretch Your Legs
9.00 PM: Dinner: Coordinator – Bappi Chowdhury

Stage Decoration – Noorun Salma
Sound & Lighting Technician – Chowdhury Md. Sadaruddin
Flyer Design – Maliha Mahboob
Flyer Information – Sofia Alam

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  1. shamu
    shamu 2 January, 2017, 10:44

    Salam. Would love to visit darwin from sydney. Looking for s home stay with a deshi family if possible. Would love to pay.

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