Gungahlin Masjid – Community Iftar at EPIC-18 June 17

Gungahlin Masjid – Community Iftar at EPIC-18 June 17

Dear Brothers and Sisters


Ramadan Mubarak.

You may be aware that during the month of Ramadan various communities are organising community iftars every Sunday at the Terrace Building in the EPIC, Mitchell. CMC executive committee wished the community members from Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia to host the Iftar/dinner on Sunday 18 June 2017. You are cordially invited with your family to attend not only that Sunday but every Sunday when other communities are also sponsoring ( 11 Jun – Saudi Arabia).

During Ramadan, we Muslims traditionally prepare many iftar and dinner items and invite friends and families to gather together to break the fast. Muslims around the world have been following this tradition for generations. Following the same tradition, the communities in Canberra are requesting the community members to consolidate their individual efforts and join other families and friends for Iftar/dinner on each Sunday. We have formed a small team of volunteers comprising members of the Bangladesh community to organise the event on 18 June to the best of our abilities.

We are seeking your assistance and active participation in this effort. We organised the event last year as well hosting Iftar/dinner for approximately 550 people and we are preparing for the same number again. We are deeply humbled by the fact that the community members responded so enthusiastically in this effort. Last year we raised $5,700 and after all expenses, we had a balance of $ 500 which we donated to Gungahlin Masjid construction fund.We thank you for that and seeking your kind assistance in this year’s efforts too. At this stage, we are seeking your financial contribution. On the day of the event, we shall seek your kind assistance with volunteer task related to serving food to about 550 people. Please consider contributing in one way or the other. Your monetary contribution will be used to cater food and buy other necessary items for Iftar/dinner.
Please contact any of the persons listed below to confirm your contribution and volunteering. For monetary contribution, you may hand in cash to the persons listed below or you may deposit it directly to the nominated bank account if it is more convenient for you. Please contribute generously to make this program a success. May Allah reward you in the blessed month of Ramadan.

Bank details for contribution:
Md. Zahidul Huq; BSB: 06-2919; Account:10187823

Please key in “CMC Iftar” as a reference to the transaction.

In this holy month of Ramadan, let us all pray for the blessings and forgiveness of Allah SWT. Let us all pray for each other and our families. Let us all pray for the Muslim Ummah, for those of our Muslim brothers and sisters who are living in fear and sub-human conditions in war-torn countries, who are on the run as refugees, who do not know where the next Iftar is coming from. Let’s pray to the most Merciful for a peaceful world. Amen, Wassalam

Iftar Organising volunteer team

Qamruzzaman 0411 231 316
Dr.Hassan Syed 0403 270 277
Kamal Uddin 0432 327 188
Arifur Rahman 0417 091 571
Raquibal Sheikh 0408 492 697
Shariff Rahman 0412 028 735
Tarek Safa 0409 360 006
Zamir Hossain 0434 436 315
Zahidul Huq 0448 084 496

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