Bangladesh Community Iftar at CIC

Bangladesh Community Iftar at CIC

Assalamu Alaikum

All praise to Allah as He has given us another opportunity to observe the Holy month of Ramadan – the month of revealing Quran, the month of seeking Allah’s mercy, forgiveness and Salvation from Hell-fire.

We are delighted to inform you that following the tradition of many years, Canberra Islamic Centre’s (CIC) has decided to organize community sponsored Iftar and dinner on all Saturdays during the Holly Month of Ramadan (9 July – 10 August 2013). You, your family and friends are invited to attend all the iftar, dinner and Salat. This is an opportunity for the community to meet and exchange greeting, eat and pray together.

With the blessing of Allah (SubhanAllahuTa’ala) and your active participation, Bangladesh Community in Canberra & surrounding area in association with Bangladesh Australia Association Canberra (BAAC) is planning to host the Iftar and Dinner on Saturday the 3rd August 2013.

Many of you have made generous contribution and provided physical help in previous years for CIC Bangladesh Community Iftar and made the event successful. We need your generous contribution and physical help to make this years Bangladesh Community Iftar successful. Any surplus fund collected for Iftar will be donated to CIC Mosque Construction Fund. May Allah reward you for your participation.


CIC request an entry contribution from every attending member ($5/person or $20/family) towards cleaning and disposable items for the event.

If your are contributing $100 or more for sponsoring the Iftar then you do not have to make CIC Entry contribution ($5/person or $20/family) to cover the cost of cleaning and disposables.

Please make your contribution or confirm your commitment to any of the brothers listed below ASAP:

Aminur Rashid – 0434 659 649

Iqbal Zahid (Isabella Plains) – 0411 108 781

Ali Akbar – 0411 631 637

Shamsul Huda – 0434 674 176

Mainul Haque (Harcourt Hill) – 0421 792 617

Zillur Rahman – 6294 4345

Akramul Haque (Crace) – 0413 469 648,

Dr Abul Hassan Syed – 0403 270 277

Kamal Ahmed – 0403 476 190

Rajiuzzaman – 0413 473 936

Anamul Hoque Bhuyan – 0412 090 769,

Mohammad Abdul Quadir (Harrison) – 0402 140 833

Tarek Safa (Franklin) – 0409 360 006

Shafiq Ahmed Rana – 0437 371 897

Thank you and regards.

Bangladesh Community Iftar Coordinator

Aminur Rashid – 0434 659 649
Iqbal Zahid – 0411 108 781, and
Ali Akbar – 0411 631 637

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