Ifter/dinner by the Bangladesh community on Saturday 28 July 2012

Ifter/dinner by the Bangladesh community on Saturday 28 July 2012

Dear all,

The Executive committee of Bangladesh Australia Association, Canberra (BAAC) are pleased to inform you the upcoming ifter/dinner for the Muslim community of Canberra and surrounding region sponsored by Bangladesh community/BAAC. This ifter followed by dinner will be held on Saturday 28th July at Canberra Islamic Centre (CIC), Monash. Your wholehearted participation is appreciated for the success of the ifter/dinner. If you would like to help, support, and or contribute to the costs of the Ifter/Dinner please contact any member of the BAAC executive committee or the contact person listed in the email below.

Thank you.

Kind regards.

EC BAAC 2012-13


Subject: Ifter/dinner by the Bangladesh community on Saturday 28 July 2012

Dear all,

Salam –Ramadan, the month of revealing Quran, month of salvation and the month of seeking Allah’s mercy, forgiveness and Salvation from Hell-fire is around. Thanks to Allah and ask his blessing again to be able observe another Ramadan this year.

We are delighted to inform you that following the tradition of last decade and more Canberra Islamic Centre’s (CIC) has decided to organize community sponsored Iftar and dinner followed Maghreb and Isha/Taraweeh (khatamul Quran) prayer at 3 Saturday and 1 Friday during the holly Month.

You, your family and friends are invited to attend all the ifter, dinner and Salats. Almost 800-1200 people/week attended CIC’s (221 Clive Steele Ave Monash) last year’s iIfter/diner providing an opportunity for the community to exchange greeting, eat and pray together. Also, these events help CIC to raise its much needed fund to support ongoing maintenance, development and salaries for the full time Imam.

With blessing from Allah sobahanatala and your active participation the Bangladesh Community living in Canberra and surrounding will be hosting the Ifter/Dinner on the 2nd Saturday of the Ramadan or 28th July 2012.

Many of you are contributor of past iftars and well aware of the mammoth tasks (growing every year). Those events were successfully because of your generous contribution and physical help – May Allah reward you for such help.

Last year with blessings from Allah Sobahanatal we have been able to collect $5839 for CIC’s ifter/dinner from 64 Bangladeshi families and some food sale (see below) and the cost of food excluding cleaning, disposables (plates, glass etc) was $2774.

Please confirm your commitment ASAP to any of the brothers listed below should you want to contribute (donation/help) to the event. Your confirmation would be of help to organize the event (menu, shopping, cooking arrangements).Please not that all donations to CIC are tax deductable.


Sahmsul Huda 0434 674 176; Shamsul.huda@optusnet.com.au,
Zillur Rahman 6294 4345; zillur.canberra@gmail.com
Iqbal Zahid 04111 08781; Izahid.iqbal@gmail.com
Mr. Jainal Abedin – 62942607; jainal.abedin@hotmail.com,
Ali Akbar 0411 631 637; Ali.Akbar@actewagl.com.au
Akramul Haque -0413 469 648; akramul_h@hotmail.com,
Kamal Ahmed 0403 476 190 (Bonython), kua32@hotmail.com
AHM Rajiuzzaman 0413473936; rajiuzzaman@yahoo.com
Anamul Hoque Bhuyan o412 090 769; abh74092@bigpond.net.au,
Mohammad Abdul Quadir (Harrison); 0402 140 833, quadirs1@gmail.com
Tarek Safa; tarek.safa@defence.gov.au
Shafiq Ahmed Rana 0437 371 897 shafiq_ahmed_rana@ya​hoo.com.au
Khondoker Yusuf yusuf_khondoker@hotmail.com
Mainul Haque 0421 792 617; Mainul.Haque@climatechange.gov.au

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