Independence Day Sport Events in Canberra on 28 March 3 April

Independence Day Sport Events in Canberra on 28 March  3 April

Independence Day Sport Events by Bangladesh Australia Association Canberra Inc. 2010

Main events: 28th March (Sunday):
(Venue: Duffy Cricket Ground)
• Cricket Competition (20-20)
(Tiger’s 11 vs. BAAC President’s 11)
Expected time to start 10:30am
Expected time to finish 2:30pm
Note: President’s 11 are yet to make a team. Please contact BAAC Sports Secretary if you wish to participate as a strong cricket lover, by 21st March.

• Soccer for kids(Boys)- (30 mins)
(Kids bellow 14years)
Expected time to start 3:15pm
Expected time to finish 3:45pm
Team will be selected on the spot by the selectors. Every team has to have minimum of 6 and maximum of 10 players. Parents are requested to contact the selection board over the phone by 21st March for their children’s participation. Players will be selected on the basis of first come, first serve.

• Soccer for adults (30 mins)
(BAAC vs. BD High Commission)
Expected time for start: 4:00pm
Expected time for finish: 4:30pm
Team has to be selected by 21st March. If you are a strong soccer fan and can prove yourself a good soccer player, we want to see you kicking that ball. Please book yourself as a soccer player and call the selection board. Numbers of players are required for each team- minimum 8 and maximum 10.

• Skipping for kids(girls)-(15 minutes)
(Below 10 years)
Expected time for start: 4:45 pm
Expected time for finish: 5:00 pm
Please bring your own skips. Parents are requested to contact the selection board
to register their interest by 21st March.
• Pillow passing for Bhabis (as long as it takes)
(No age limit)
Expected time for start: 5:00 pm
Expected time for finish: until actually finished.
No need to contact anyone. Please just turn up en masse, participate, cheer, enjoy
and let the men look after the kids (if there are little ones).

Big Notes:
• Please bring sunscreen, chair or mat, umbrella or similar kind for shade.
• BAAC will have yummy Paratha, meat curry, Tandoori chicken (drumstick), water and drinks on the day for sale (kind of mini picnic).
• Participate at your own risk; BAAC is not responsible for any injury/damages etc.
• There will be prizes, medals, crests, cups etc.

2nd event 3rd April (Easter Saturday):
(Venue: University Of Canberra Sport and Fitness Centre)
Exact time to start 9:30am and a whole day event

• Men’s doubles BADMINTON

We are expecting minimum of 8 teams. Please find your partner and book yourself as a team by 28th March.

• Women’s double BADMINTON

As experienced from last few years, we are also expecting at least 4 teams from women participants. Please find a partner and contact us for your booking as a team by 28th March.

Note: Please be at the venue by 9am for registration (An Aus$20 will be charged for team registration). Please wear jogger suitable for wooden floor and bring your best racket. Shuttlecock will be provided for the tournament.

Hope to see you there both days. Winning is not the best thing- but participation (even as a spectator). Please support your Association.

Please contact (for expression of interest): Selection Board.
Tapa (Sports Secretary): 0433 972 917
Sohel (Cultural Secretary): 0401 205 724

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