Holding of the first ever social ‘Get-together’ Event – by former Dhaka University Students/Graduates residing in Canberra

Holding of the first ever social ‘Get-together’ Event – by former Dhaka University Students/Graduates residing in Canberra

A Convening Committee of all former Dhaka University (DU) students/graduates presently residing in Canberra has been formed with Mr Ali Hossain as Convener and Mr Borhan Ahmed and Kamrul Ahsan Khan as Joint Conveners at a preparatory meeting held in Canberra on 8 April 2010, attended by a number of former DU students and their spouses. All participants present at the meeting will also collectively serve as members on the Committee.

The Committee is now pleased to announce that a first ever social ‘Get-together’ Event for all these students/graduates will be organized in Canberra on Saturday 15 May 2010. Specifically, the proposed event is aimed at providing an ongoing social networking avenue among all former DU students. It would be expected to help build and promote ongoing and enhanced friendship and interaction among all former students of the University and their family members. Several Sub-Committees have been constituted by the Convening Committee to organize the entire Event in a befitting manner.

The Committee has been entrusted with the responsibility of successfully hosting the ‘Get-together’ Event, ensuring all-out participation and collaboration from all former DU students and their families in Canberra, and to finally taking forward the initiative of forming a virtual Dhaka University Alumni Association in Canberra of all former students living in Canberra. Once finally and formally established and launched, this entity will continue to play an active role in facilitating positive work for the Dhaka University and for our motherland ‘Bangladesh’. It is noted that the vision and mission of this new entity will be similar to those of the Dhaka University Alumni Association (DUAA) in Bangladesh.

Details on venue, timing and programs for the Event, including other future organizational matters will be released shortly and gradually by email and through local web site for information of all concerned. On current indications, the event will include a cultural function, documentary film show, photo exhibition, dinner etc.

The Secretary General of DUAA, Mr Raquibuddin Ahmed, and other guests are expected to attend the ‘Get-together’ Event. The Convening Committee most sincerely and wholeheartedly invites all former DU students and their lovely family members to join this Event scheduled for Saturday 15 May 2010 in Canberra. The Committee also takes the opportunity to request all concerned to please come forward and extend their helping hands to make the ‘Event’ a great success. The Committee gratefuly thanks all former graduates and their family members in advance and seeks their cooperation as valued partners of this new Alumni movement of all former DU students/graduates in Canberra in the coming weeks and months ahead.

With regards Convening Committee, former Dhaka University Students/Graduates, Canberra, Australia

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us Ali Hosain – 62871755 (H), 0412811662 (M)Borhan Ahmed -62o6 4243 (w); 62554340 (H), 0421553171 (M)Kamrul Ahsan Khan – 6156 3606 (H), 0401683930 (M)

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