Bangladesh Islamic Centre Of NSW, Sefton, Sydney.

Our Sydney-based Bangladesh community’s only real property Seton mosque and its adjacent house 9 Helen Street Sefton had been fire-bombed on last Sunday night, 4 January. The house’s back yard nanny flat’s room where our Bangladeshi caretaker used to sleep, according to fire brigade personnels, had been doused with petrol and set alight. As a result uncontrolled fire had engulfed very qickly and gutted the whole room into ashes within minutes. Fortunately, there was no one in the room at the time. A passing car seeing the gushing smoke had called for fire brigade. They arrived within minutes and had managed to extinguish the fire. The policed had also arrived and continued their investigation all night. It was thought to be bombed between 10-45pm and 11-00 pm. The police had not passed any opinion on it so far. Had it not been a quick response from the fire brigade the whole house and the mosque would have been gutted. It was a blessing from Allah(swt). I appeal to all humanity to pray that we all cool down and espouse peace and harmony. Terrorising practice is not worth its while. The whole incident seems to me a 9/11 equivalent for Bangladesh Islamic Centre of NSW. The repair bill will run into thousands of dollars.

Fakhruddin Chowdhury, President, Bangladesh Islamic Centre of NSW.

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