BEN Australia: Sydney Seminar Resolution

BEN Australia: Sydney Seminar Resolution

The Sydney meeting of BEN members and other environmentalists, held on November 1, 2008, upon extensive discussion through out the day, resolves to:

1. Work energetically to enhance awareness about the environmental of Bangladesh among NRBs in Australia.

2. Pay particular attention to spread environmental awareness among second generation Bangladeshis in Australia.

3. Participate in and contribute energetically to the work of global BEN.

4. Participate energetically in the effort to protect environment of Australia. Take active part in Clean-Up Australia Day.

5. Build up alliances with pro-environmental Australian organizations, both within and outside the government, for protection of environment of Australia, of Bangladesh, and of the world as a whole.

6. Collaborate with other pro-environment Bangladeshi-Australian groups and individuals and build up unity among all pro-environment Bangladeshi-Australians.

7. Offer cooperation to pro-environment initiatives of the Bangladesh High Commission in Australia.

8. Express support to the initiative launched to hold a two-day BAPA-BEN (i.e. Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon and Bangladesh Environment Network) conference on January 2-3, 2009 focusing on the issue of Climate Change, Chalan Beel, and institutional matters.

9. Encourage BEN members and other pro-environment NRBs in Australia to establish direct contact with pro-environment scholars in their respective areas and with pro-environment activists, professionals, and individuals.

10. Encourage BEN members and other pro-environment NRBs in Australia to publish their works and writings more frequently in both media in Bangladesh and in Bangladeshi media in Australia and in the mainstream Australia media.

11. Establish a better network among all Bangladeshi Australians engaged in research on environmental issues, so that they can benefit each other through sharing of information, ideas, and collaboration.

12. Encourage all BEN members and other pro-environment NRBs in Australia to contact BAPA and participate in pro-environmental activities during their visit to Bangladesh, in particular to donate at least one day volunteer time to local initiatives and one day’s income for the environmental protection of Bangladesh.

13. Encourage all BEN members and other pro-environment NRBs in Australia to help develop environment movement in their respective hometowns in Bangladesh.

14. Set up a separate website for the Australia chapter of BEN to facilitate dissemination information about activities of this chapter, share information, and have more close contact among its members.

15. Deeply appreciate the participation as guest speakers at the seminar of Hon. Julie Owens, MP, Federal Member for Parramatta; Mr. Mahub Hassan Saleh, Acting High Commissioner for Bangladesh to Australia, Mr. Adam Wolfenden, of AID Watch/Friends of Earth Australia; and Mr. John Kaye, of Australian Greens and extend warm thanks to the speakers on key note discussions and participants at the seminar.

16. Actively encourage the Government of Bangladesh to eliminate corruption at every levels so that environmental initiatives can be genuinely implemented.

17. Plant a sapling when visiting Bangladesh and also one in Australia every year.

18. BEN-BAPA to undertake more projects that help fixing on-the-ground problems.

19. Encourage the Government of Bangladesh to introduce environmental subjects at every levels of education, particularly at school level. Also, encourage public awareness/education, preferably under an annual calendar of environmental events.

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