Vacancy for an Imam at the Darwin Mosque

Vacancy for an Imam at the Darwin Mosque

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  1. Muhammad Zabit
    Muhammad Zabit 1 March, 2015, 04:29

    Aslamu ali kom wa rahmatullah e wa barakatoh, I am Muhammad Zabit, Hafiz and Qari of Holy Quran, having BA in Arabic Literature, now would like to serve my life in Imamat of Masjid, i dont have any interest of salary just want to serve and do imamat for life and to my death.

    if you want or have known any place or Masjid please help in this regard, Allah will give you reward in day of judgment, i know English and Arabic well i am from Afghanistan, i am 35 old.

    this is my cell:+93774583182

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  2. muhammad ahsan
    muhammad ahsan 17 May, 2016, 18:06

    i am hafiz, qari and aalim also, and i am searching any masjid for imamt..
    i want to spent my life in masjid and i wanna do dawa also please pick me for imamt in your village where you are thanku….

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