Successful ‘Get-together’ of Dhaka University Alumni in Canberra, Australia

Successful ‘Get-together’ of Dhaka University Alumni in Canberra, Australia

The long overdue dream or aspiration of all alumni of the University of Dhaka residing in Canberra has finally been realised following successful organising and completion of a landmark ‘Get-together’ event amidst heightened zeal, enthusiasm and incredible goodwill in a friendly and befitting environment in Canberra, the beautiful capital city of Australia. The event was effectively hosted by the Convening Committee of the Dhaka University Alumni Association, Canberra (DUAAC) on Saturday 15 May 2010 in Canberra. The event was a clear demonstration of an extra-ordinary display of a small unique group of alumni graduates, pulling their full weight for a noble and remarkable beginning of an ”alumni movement” in Canberra through the new DUAAC initiative.

Nearly 300 people including alumni graduates, their family members and some invited guests have attended the grand gala event. Specifically, the alumni graduates have expressed their firmness of ‘working together’ to help restore the past glory and pride of the Dhaka University by sharing professional experience, expertise, fresh ideas and perspectives, and knowledge gained and achieved from further studies and work in abroad. The graduates further expressed their support on how to assist in enhancing the University’s research and teaching quality. The Alumni explicitly suggested some important ideas that would significantly improve the level of academic quality and other research deficiency that the University is currently encountering. They also articulated a few steps to assist the University with improving curriculum and teaching quality in order to be globally competitive.

The speakers and alumni together paid gratitude and homage to the students of the Dhaka University who sacrificed their lives to introduce ‘Bangla’ as the State language, help achieve independence through Liberation war and support other democratic movements in our motherland – Bangladesh. The Alumni living in Canberra expressed their gratitude and honour that they felt as the former students, graduates of the University. They also felt proud to be the students of one of the oldest and greatest educational institutions in the Sub-continent, and in the Asia region, that contributed significantly in imparting education to Bangladeshis.

The entire event was divided into three parts: opening session, reminiscence (sriticharon) session, and dinner, cultural program. The convenor of the DUAAC Convening Committee, Mr. Ali Hosain, welcomed all alumni and guests. The event was addressed by Bangladesh’s High Commissioner to Australia HE Lt Gen Masud Uddin Chowdhury as chief guest, Mr Raquibuddin Ahmed Secretary-General of DUUA from Bangladesh, Executive Dean and Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Atique Islam of Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia as special guests and also by two Joint Convenors of DUAAC, Mr Borhan Ahmed and Mr Kamrul Ahsan Khan. Generally, the speakers envisioned DUAAC as a real source of building amity, friendship and fraternity among alumni graduates and a further opportunity to reconnect them with their illustrious Alma mater, the Dhaka University. They also highlighted the need to engage more closely with the work of the DUUA in the longer term. The organisers of DUAAC have further expressed their strong commitment to see DUAAC as an independent entity in its own right, but with ongoing and deepening relationship with DUAA – the parent organisation. The event was brilliantly compered by Mr Obaidul Huq and Mrs Shamaruh Mirza.

Former students took part in sharing their colourful personal experience and fond memories of the golden days in the University, which was enjoyed by participants as an interesting segment of the event. Some of the speakers came with power point presentations along with their old days photos taken during their time in the University. Mrs Mehrun Nessa, Mrs Fahmida Ehsan, Dr Abed Chowdhury and Mrs Annaya Rezwan Chowdhury were among the speakers.

A Photo exhibition also took place where some alumni bought their old days pictures etc to share with others. Few pictures were also shown on bigger screen which was appreciated by all. Video was shown of the grand Alumni function of the DUAA held on 16 January 2010 in Dhaka University Campus.

Following dinner, a grand cultural program was presented by the Cultural team led by Nilufa Khanom. It was participated by talent Alumni of the Dhaka University and their family members. The cultural program included recitation, chorus song, solo & duet songs and comedy. Senior Alumni Mr Mir Hashmat Ali and Mrs Nazma Rahman recited poetry. The performers were Dr Mintoo Khan, Miss Monon, Mr Avijt Sarkar, Mr Joseph Sharif, Mr Mohiuddin Ahmed, Mr Shourav Achariya, Mr Tareq Safa, Mr Touheed Shahjahan, Mrs Iffat Tabassum, Mrs Nilufa Khanom, Mrs Priyinka Sarkar, Mrs Salma Mir Rana, Mrs Suraiya Nargis Ellie and Mr Yousuf Khandakar. In addition, Dr Nilufar Jahan, Mrs Nilufar Yesmin Tilat, Mrs Nazma Hosain, Mrs Sobhan, Mrs Mitu Hannan, Dr Eliza Ahmed, Mr Zillur Rahman and Mr Jainal Abedin contributed significantly to the event as members of the reception committee. Dr Naze Sobhan gave vote of thanks to all present at the gathering.

Stage setting and decoration was jointly and effectively done by Dr Mintoo Khan and Touheed Shahjahan. Excellent technical assistance was provided by Mr Iftekhat Ahmed Bipul & Mr Touhidul Islam Topa to running the PA and sound systems effectively. Some of the alumni graduates led by Mrs Sobhan, and including Mrs Nilufar Yesmin Tilat, Mrs Pyanna Sobhan, Mrs Mitu Hannan, Mrs Monzila Akhatar, Mrs Yesmin Ali, Mrs Salma Bari, Mrs Afzal Hosain, Mrs Hasnat Jahan, Mrs Nargis Sultana and Mrs Monowara Begum made delicious sweets and other deserts for sahring with all participants. A beautiful brochure was also produced with the assistance from Dr Afzal Hossain. Dr Mir Monir videoed the whole event and Mrs Surayia Nargis Ellie and Mr Arifur Rahman covered the photography side of the event. Mr Shafique Ahmed Rana, Mr Kamal Ahmed and Mr Touheed Shahjahan were charged with managing financial matters of the event.

The entire cultural program was very colourful and enjoyed by audience till 11 pm beating the bitter cold winter night in Canberra.

The event was aimed at providing an ongoing social networking avenue among all DU alumni. The alumni event would be expected to help build, promote friendship and interaction among all former students of the University and their family members. The Convening Committee has been entrusted with the responsibility of successfully organising the event, ensuring all-out participation and collaboration from all DU alumni and their families in Canberra, and to finally taking forward the initiative of organising a virtual Dhaka University Alumni Association in Canberra. DUAAC will continue to play a pro-active role and make a positive contribution to the Dhaka University and for our motherland,Bangladesh’.

DUAAC’s first ever get-together event has provided a source of plotting together a great ‘path’ forward to deepen friendship among alumni graduates through DUAAC. All alumni graduates, students concerned were encouraged to continue to establish strong enduring networks, closer ties and relationships with each other through ”one DUAAC family”.

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Dhaka University Alumni Association, Canberra, Australia
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