Canberrabasi Opens a School in Bangladesh

Canberrabasi Opens a School in Bangladesh

The ‘Bangladesh-Canberra Friendship School’ supported by Non Resident Bangladeshi & jointly managed by Let’s Work for Bangladesh (LWFB) & Co-operation in Development, Australia (CO-ID) has opened officially in March 2010. On the first day of school 180 children were enrolled and this figure will have since increased. More students will enroll next year as they travel to distant schools.

The school requires eight thousand dollars to run for a year, and NRBs around the world, specially, Bangladeshis in Canberra contribute generously to cover the cost.

The school was built at the request of the people who supplied six ghondas of land at Abdullah Pur Union, previously, part of Ahmedpur Union in greater Bhola. The school is halfway between Char Fassion and Dulahat Market. The Char Fassion Municipal Council has upgraded the road way leading into the school.

The local people have formed a committee to administer the school, and a CO-ID staff member has been nominated to visit the school every week to ensure that the students are receiving adequate attention.

LWFB is a Canberra based community group run by a bunch of dedicated Bangladeshis who are committed to educate underprivileged poor children in Bangladesh. LWFB understands money can be taken away from poor children, but not education- it will remain with them for ever.

On behalf of CO-ID and the people of Abdullah Pur Union, LWFB thanks all NRBs for their participation in education in Bangladesh.

-Ajoy Kar

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