Monash Indian Community Infrastructure Announcement a Mask for Broken Promises

Monash Indian Community Infrastructure Announcement a Mask for Broken Promises

Victorian Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Inga Peulich has labelled Daniel Andrews’ latest announcement to kick-start a new multipurpose Indian Community Centre as a renewal of an empty promise.

The announcement made by the Premier does not sound like a grant specific to the Sankat Mochan Samiti Temple, but another promise to construct a multipurpose Indian Community Centre in the City of Monash.

The City of Monash has previously rejected the proposal to build ethno specific facilities including an Indian cultural hub.

A promise to build several Indian cultural hubs, including one in the City of Monash, was an election sweetener made by Labor in 2014, but the State Government has failed to honour its election commitment.

Four years late, the election promise has not been delivered.

There has been no progress on several other Indian cultural precincts promised by Labor to lock in the Indian community’s vote for the 2014 state election.

The unfulfilled promise to deliver several Indian Cultural precincts and hubs has been a matter Inga Peulich MP has raised several times in the Victorian Parliament.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Inga Peulich MLC:

“Premier Andrews made this very same promise just before the 2014 State election and Labor’s failure to deliver shows that our Indian and multicultural communities simply cannot believe Daniel Andrews and Labor.”

“Premier Andrews, the Labor Party and their union masters have proved time and time again they are willing to do anything, say anything and promise anything to win an election.”

“Only a Liberal/National Coalition government will ensure the delivery of much needed infrastructure for our multicultural communities.”

“Our Indian community should not be conned by Premier Andrews’ empty and hollow promises anymore.”


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