Introduction of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) System for Consular Services

Introduction of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) System for Consular Services

Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra | Notice (28 December 2012)

Introduction of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) System for Consular Services

From 01 January 2013 Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra is implementing Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) System in the form of Account Transfer only for the consular services to simplify the payment of fees. An individual can now make payment in three different ways; Online Account Transfer, Bank Cheque and Postal Money Order in favour of “Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra”.

Please note that as before, no personal cheque and cash transaction will be accepted.

Procedure for Online Account Transfer:
I. For availing any consular service, consular fee can now be transferred electronically from any bank account to Bangladesh High Commission’s designated account;
II. Particulars of High Commission’s bank account :
 Account Name: Bangladesh High Commission
 BSB: 032719
 Account No: 145274
 Bank Name: Westpac
 Swift Code: WPACAU2S (applicable for overseas transaction only)
III. Steps to be followed during account transfer:
Step 1:
– Put your account number in the box “From Account”;
– Put Bangladesh High Commission’s designated account number in “To Account” box;
Step 2:
– Write the shorter form of required consular service as below along with applicant’s name in “Transaction Description” box.

Shorter form of different Consular Services:
– Visa: VIS
– No Visa Required: NVR
– Passport Renewal: REN
– Endorsement for inclusion of name of child (ren), change of name and address: END
– Attestation of Documents (such as Affidavit, Power of Attorney etc): ATT
– Machine Readable Passport: MRP
– Lost Passport: LPP
– Police clearance for Foreign Nationals: PCF

[ For example, If person X wants to fill-up this box for ‘No Visa Required’ he / she may write “ NVR (space) FIRST NAME (space) SUR NAME”. In case of space shortage please write SURNAME only.]

Step 3:
– In the “Amount” box put the applicable fee in Australian Dollar for required consular service. For details about consular fees please visit Bangladesh High
Commission’s web-site Please note that for a specific consular service required by an applicant, an individual transaction has to be made i.e. for more than one services of an individual or a specific consular service for more than one individual in one transaction would not be accepted.
For example:
Situation A:
An individual applying for ‘No Visa Required’ and ‘Passport Renewal’ at the same time has to make two separate fee transfer.
Situation B:
A family of four members applying for same service has to make four separate fee transfer.
Situation C:
A family of four members applying for different consular services has to make four separate fee transfer for each service for each individual.
Step 4:
– Finally put the date in the box “To be paid on” and confirm the fee transfer to Bangladesh High Commission’s Account Number.

IV. Please note that fee transfer receipt need to be printed and submitted along with other documents for any particular consular service. Bangladesh High Commission
will use the Transfer Receipt Number to track one’s consular fee payment before processing the application for the consular service.

Please transfer the fees at least 03 working days before filing the application.

V. Please note that an application will not be processed until necessary fee is deposited into the High Commission’s account.

For any further queries please e-mail at Your cooperation and any feedback in this regard will be appreciated.

2012/pdf/Notice_on_Electronic_Fund_Transfer_706001237.pdf ( B) 

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