Seeking your cooperation in overcoming current Crisis in Bangla

Seeking your cooperation in overcoming current Crisis in Bangla

Dear Parents, Community Leaders, Community Bangla School Officials, Media Managers.

Re: Seeking your cooperation in overcoming current Crisis in Bangla.

We have nervously informed the gathering of the community leaders today that due to a drastic drop in student numbers in Saturday Bangla Schools in Sydney, the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) is about to close Bangla classes. In this period of crisis we are seeking your cooperation in increasing the student numbers and saving the Saturday Bangla Schools.

You might be aware that the NSW Government has been running Saturday Bangla Schools in two centres, Dulwich Hill and Randwick since 2006 and 2008 respectively. Over the last two years the numbers of students have dropped to an extent that one of the two classes at Dulwich Centre has already been suspended and the entire Bangla class at Randwick Centre would be suspended from 26 March 2011 unless student number increases. Once suspended and then closed, it would be extremely difficult to resume the Bangla classes again!

We are earnestly requesting you as a leader of the community, media personnel, organiser of community Bangla schools, or as a parent to come forward and save this Bangla icon in Sydney. Our pride in successfully introducing Bangla in NSW curriculum is at a stake here. As a Bangalee it would be painful to have to accept this despite our ability to change this situation.

All is needed is to hand in the Admission Form to school Principals and then kids start attending classes from the following Saturday. Forms are available in:

Dear Friend, with your cooperation we may also be able to start new centres in Seven Hills and/or Liverpool. This is possible only if parents/students register their interests. In this case all we are requesting is for the parents to enrol and say which new centre that their kids would like to be studying. With 10 or more students in each class new centre(s) at Seven Hills and/or Liverpool could start soon.

We look forward to your urgent attention in this matter and seeing you then.

Kind regards,
Dr Swapan Paul Ms Hasina Aktar Mini
President General Secretary
0433019377 0425297428

PS. You may like to read the information overleaf, if you have the time.

Bangla as a LOTE Subject

We were also assured by the DET that should 15 or more students be willing to take Bangla as a LOTE subject in HSC, DET was willing to introduce Bangla as a LOTE subject from 2012 HSC session. All we need is your consent in an e-mail or an Admission Form.

The benefits of taking Bangla as a LOTE subject are many, including:

1. A Banglaee-background student would need to spend only 10% of their time for securing 100% or near full marks so that they could utilise the 90% time for other core subjects.
2. By scoring 100% or near full marks kids could secure better ATAR (old UAI), thus admission in a more desirable course.
3. Institutional learning of Bangla gives an added advantage in employment market of sub-continental involvement.
4. One assumes a better sense of identity and pride.
5. Cultivation and practising Bangla culture becomes easier.

You would be surprised to learn that the syllabus-curriculum for Bangla is very simple and it is no complicated as the one we (as parents) studied decades back. You may like to have a look at the syllabus in:

As you might be aware, Bangla Prosar Committee has been advocating only as a voluntary body representing the community. We believe with your little sacrifice your kid’s future would be better and brighter as well as Bangla would gain a state recognition in Australia.

2011/pdf/Community_Appeal_306211728.pdf ( B) 

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