General Skilled Migration: Highlights of major changes

General Skilled Migration: Highlights of major changes

The attached document shows the new Points Test for General Skilled Migration. It will be effective from 1/7/2011

The highlights of major changes are:

(a) There will be no points for nominated occupation.
(b) Maximum points will not be for YOUTH. A person falling under the age group 30-34 will get maximum points of 30 for Age. People under 30 will get 25 points. People over 45 but under 50 will be able to apply but will get 0 points for Age.
(c) There is more emphasis on English. People with Superior English (8 and above in IELTS) will get a maximum of 20 points for English. People with Competent English (6 and above but less than 7 in IELTS) will get 0 points for English.
(d) More emphasis on professional work experience, even from overseas. Unlike before people from overseas with longer work experience will get more points. For example, a person with 8 years of overseas work experience in the last 10 years, will get 15 points.
(e) People with higher qualifications obtained from overseas will get extra points. For example, an overseas PhD holder will get 20 points. Overseas Bachelor (Masters/Honours) degree holders will get 15 points.
(f) Points required for eligibility will be 65 points. No difference in pass mark for different visa types (independent and sponsored) has yet been specified.

For further details see attached document.


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GSM_Points_Test_1111_188415212.pdf ( B) 

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