BEN Annual Fundraising in Australia

BEN Annual Fundraising in Australia

Dear BEN members and friends

It is again time to raise some fund for 2009.

As you all know through BEN’s posting and other messages from the BEN coordinator Dr. Nazrul Islam, that through BAPA, you BEN members have made a difference in the struggle for stopping continual environment degradation in Bangladesh. In particular, our partner institution BAPA has achieved wide recognition in Bangladesh, including a Nagar Padak award from the City Corporation, Dhaka.

However, addressing environmental issues are continual process and success hinges to an important degree on available resources, including financial.
In the past we have received generous support from many of you and we wish to thank you very much for your past support. We hope we can count on your support this time around as well.

BEN has set a target this year of 23, 000 US dollars. Besides the regular commitment to BAPA, which amounts to about 6 lakh Taka per year, the budget this year also needs to cover for the planned ICBEN 2010 conference in Dhaka on January 2010, which will mark the 10th anniversary of formation of BAPA. As in the past ICBEN 2000 and 2002 conferences, this is expected to bring together specialists, activists and policy makers to the table. Given the scope of
the conference, including all aspects of Bangladesh environment, the budget is relatively larger than specialized conferences.

You can deposit your contribution to the following accounts or handover your contribution to any of our fund raising team in Australia. The account to deposit your money is:

Name: Kamrul Ahsan Khan
BSB number: 014272
Account Number:530433284

Please let me send an email once you have deposited your contribution.

BEN also will send you a receipt and document all the collected funds in BEN
website. Last year’s contribution is shown in

Also, you may want to know that all the money collected for BEN goes to BAPA in Bangladesh. Sincerely

The BEN ’08-09 fund raising team:

Kamrul Ahsan Khan , Canberra ,
Dilruba Sahana, Melbourne,
Swapan Paul, Sydney,

Kamrul Ahsan Khan
Coordinator ,BEN Australia

Phone+61 401683930 (Cell) +612 62967176 (AH)

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