Tazuddin Ahmed not properly evaluated: Shimin Hussain Rimi

Tazuddin Ahmed not properly evaluated:  Shimin Hussain Rimi

In an informal discussion session at Canberra, Mrs. Shimin Hussain Rimi, a researcher and the daughter of the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh late Tazuddin Ahmed, appealed to expatriates living in Australia to come forward to the development of the nations with the spirit of liberation war. While recalling the memories of the liberation war, she told some heart touching story of liberation war, Tazuddin Ahmed and Bangobandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman. She said, “ Tazudding did not compromise on independence under heavy pressure from big powers and some of his party colleagues.”

In reply to a question from the audience she told that Tazuddin Ahmed was not properly evaluated by the then AL govt. She added, “My father had all through deep love for Bangladesh and Bangobandhu. He led the independence war in absence of Bangobandhu. ”

“Mujib-uncle never tried to know how Tazuddin Ahmed led the liberation war and what happened around him during the war periods,” she said while responding to a questions.

“Resignation of the Tazuddin Ahmed from the cabinet was mainly due to intra party conspiracy by power-hungry leaders of the then AL and the verdict of the jail killing was heavily influenced by the then BNP Govt,” she said while responding to a question regarding the assassination and resignation of Tazuddin Ahmed.

rimi2_188085683.jpgShe continued, ‘It looks the party high ups always surrounded by some incompetent, dishonest and power-hungry leaders as you see now in all big political parties. There is a reason behind that and if you use your intelligence you will find answers’.

In response to a questions “ whether AL carry out the dream of Tazuddin Ahmed?” , Mrs. Shimin Hussain Rimi replied negatively. In answering to a tag question “Why you hang on with AL?”, she expressed positive attitude towards AL with some reasoning.

Ex-student leader and freedom fighter Kamrul Ahsan Khan coordinated and moderated the discussion session named ‘history reveal the truth (e-ti-has ko-tha-koy)’ and it was actively attended by IT specialist and editor of priyoaustralia.com Sahadat Manik, urban planner Dr. Kamal Uddin, doctor Porag Das, agriculturist and scientist Dr. Mainuddin Milon, , economist Dr. Nilufar Jahan, agriculturist and scientist Nahida Bhuiyan, agriculturist and environmentalist Dr. Ajoy Kar, IT professional Joinal Abedin and agriculturist cum computer programmer Anamul Bhuiyan Mukul. Some other highly professional Bangladeshi-Canberrians also attended the program and enjoyed the lively discussions.

Freedom fighter Kamrul Ahsan Khan said, ‘It is not true that all politicians are corrupt or inefficient. We still have a good numbers of honest and patriotic politicians, civil and military bureaucrats who can take the leadership’. He said ex Prime Minister Tazuddin Ahmed and spirit of liberation war could be our ideal in coming days to build our country by fighting poverty and anti liberation forces.

“We strongly propose to make a political institutions comprising of dedicated and honest leaderships like Tazuddin.,” said Sahadat Manik, the chief editor of priyoaustralia.com.au.

rimi1_554103361.jpgIn response to a request of Mrs. Shimin Hussain Rimi, community news reporter and casual writer Anamul Bhuiyan Mukul expressed concerns saying that there are lots of good ideas and policies publish in the media everyday but we need some qualified and generous leaders like Tazuddin Ahmed to pick and implement those ideas and policies.

All speakers including Dr. Kamal Uddin expressed their great honor to Tazuddin and deeply acknowledged his role in leading the liberation war in absence of Bangobandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman.

The discussion was followed by screening of a documentary film on the life of Tajuddin Ahmed titled "AN UNSUNG HERO" directed by Tanvir Mokammel. The event was hosted by Dr Porag Das and Mrs. Urmila Das on 6 January 2008.

Reported by: Anamul Bhuiyan Mukul

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