Iftar program, hosted by the Society Of Bangladeshi Doctor’s Queensland

Iftar program, hosted by the Society Of Bangladeshi Doctor’s Queensland

Iftar program, hosted by the Society Of Bangladeshi Doctor’s Queensland on 16th March ’24. Brisbane. QLD.

Our purpose of this program is to connect with friends and family’s , do prayers, doing religious activities by adults and children’s and to extend our knowledge about our culture and religion.

This year also our program included islamic activities by children of doctors, hamd Naat by our doctors, speech included valuable talk by president and Dua’s by our doctor and guest doctor’s. The prayers are for everyone.

This time in this program we had guest of honour, Dr. Mohammad Khateeb, who gave us a talk on the topic of Life, Health and Dignity. Dr. Khateeb is a consultant Geriatrician and a well-regarded spiritual speaker in Brisbane’s Islamic community.

Gifts distributed to the participants by our renowned guest Doctor, Dr A BM Ahsan Ullah, father of Dr Alin Sharmin.
By profession he’s a Prof of Physiology and Biochemistry and head of the Department for 20 yrs at different Medical colleges in Bangladesh.

Our program concluded by Azan given by our doctor followed by Ifter , dinner. The delicious food’s by our famous Mona Vai !

Thanks Dr Zaman Islam and team of SBDQ for arranging such a beautiful and memorable Ifter program. May Allah SWT fulfill everyone’s intentions and prayers 🙏❤️

Dr Naila Aziz Meeta

Dr Naila Aziz Meeta

Dr Naila Aziz Meeta

Home town is Bangladesh, live in Australia. Love to write, read, travel, and listening to music.

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