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Canberra Ramadan Starts Monday 6th May 2019 (1440H)

Canberra Ramadan Starts Monday 6th May 2019 (1440H)

Salamu Alaikum WRT, WBT (Peace be on you)

The Canberra Mosque announces the start of Holy Ramadan 1440 for Monday 6th  May, 2019. IA.

Taraweeh prayers from tomorrow nite IA.

May our fasting be accepted and rewarded accordingly, Ameen!

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Kareem!

Muhith Masih (বাবু)

Muhith Masih (বাবু)

IT Technology Specialist with over 30 years of experience in Australian Government Agencies in Infrastructure, DBA, Application and End User Support. Interests in End User and Midrange Computing, Test Automation, AI, Cloud, Edge, IOT, OTT and Cyber Security.

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