Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea – by BUET Alumni Australia

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea – by BUET Alumni Australia

BUET Alumni Australia invites all to join them at their Biggest Morning Tea on 29th June, SATURAY, 9 am to 2 pm at Wiley Park Amphitheatre or you can donate online at


to help BUET Alumni Australia (BUETAA) to reach their fundraising goal!

This year BUETAA is organising an awesome morning tea complimented with OPEN AIR CONCERT by renowned performers, cancer awareness SPEECHES, official speakers from Cancer Council and many more things to enjoy for a fully-fun-filled day with great FOOD – Breakfast & Lunch items, huge CAKE, BBQ, Pithas and so many!

Together, we can help Cancer Council to raise much needed funds that go towards vital cancer research, support services, prevention programs, and advocacy. Lets dream together for a CANCER FREE FUTURE!

You may wish to donate your contribution online now through the url above which directly goes to cancer council.

Alternatively, you may donate on the day by cash or card which would be forwarded to cancer council.

BUETAA look forward to see all the community members to support them including all BUETians and their FRIENDS & FAMILIES. Your contribution to this great cause would be highly appreciated!

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