Mahfuz Anam and Daily Star!

Mahfuz Anam and Daily Star!

The Daily Star’s Mahfuz Anam spent 697 words depicting Shahidul Alam- how famous he is in home and abroad as a photographer in his Daily. Mahfuz Anam kindly informed us that Shahidul has a PhD in organic chemistry from UK. Shahidul lectured as a visiting fellow in several universities including at Stanford, Harvard and so on. Shahidul currently runs a school of photography and owns an exhibition studio. Mahfuz Anam put his all adjectives to Shahidul’s dossier. This will give you an impression that Bangladesh and Shahidul are equivalent; Shahidul’s detention will bring down the sky on the current government soon. Mahfuz Anam also referred to the statements of Amnesty International, Human Rights, and many other homeopath organisations against the detention. Mahfuz Anam did not forget to remind us that Shahidul puts on very modest slippers and outfits. Shahidul was even deprived of his modest slippers.

Mahfuz Anam has been very generous and flawless- he used several hundred words to further elaborate Shahidul. Mahfuz Anam lamented that the current government made a grave mistake by detaining such a huge personality, but very cleverly avoided the reasons of Shahidul’s detention by the law enforcers. Not a single textual analysis of the reasons of his detention.

Total words used was 1,004.

Mahfuz Anam, you forgot that the social status of a person is never an immunity against the law. You preached us this in the past in many occasions, that the law should be enforced equally. By default, you cannot claim a preferential treatment. I understand you saw Shahidul’s interview with the Al-Jazeera. Shahidul did not answer to any of the reporter’s query, rather Shahidul deliberately and purposefully told something which was totally irrelevant to the context. The government has reasons to be upset with Shahidul’s intrinsic intention- belittling the government and indirectly instigating the students’ movement when the government was trying to pacify the kids and stop infiltration of opposition politics. If Shahidul was a person of real integrity and his intention was honest- he would have limited his responses within the boundary. My personal view is Shahidul crossed the line.

The government found enough merit in detaining Shahidul but let the law and the courts find if there was legal merit in detaining and punishing Shahidul.

Ok, Mahfuz Anam- the ‘janee dost’, please tell us how many words did you spend on Professor Muntasir Mamun and Shahriar Kabir when they were arrested for alleged connection with bombing in Mymensingh cinema halls? Both are national figures and served the nation more than Shahidul.

Mahfuz Anam, please leave your eccentric and parochial commentary though it is hard for an old dog to get rid of old tricks. Also, just to let you know an old maxim: Hate speech and freedom of speech are two different things. With the freedom comes responsibility.

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