'Straya Day

'Straya Day

Australia Day’s Eve, I was at a dinner party. I was sitting when I heard the adults talking about an Australia Day barbeque at the local park. But that’s what we do every year. Usually, people celebrate Australia day with a BBQ, the footy and Aussie’ meat pies. Isn’t there any other way to celebrate Australia day?

But after seeing the recent television advertisment about Australia Day, I realized that this holiday is much more than what is seems- there are many ways to celebrate Australia Day.
All of these make me think a bit more about Australia Day which is the basis of this write-up.

I grew up in a culture where everything was Asian-fied, meaning normal everyday tasks would be remade with an Asian kick to it. Such as maths on Boxing Day instead of opening the non-exsistent gifts. So I thought what any like-minded fool would think, Australia Day is about meat pies, sweaty men and television. But as the years past by, I started to feel more comfortable with how we celebrated things and slowly drifted away from the media propositions about the day.

Usually, now-a-days I celebrate Australia Day with a barbeque with all my freinds and relatives around a park. While the children are playing on the swings, and adults are talking about Asian politics, I reflect on how many ways there are to celebrate ‘straya day.

Some may get together with friends and watch a movie, some may have a dinner with guests, and as I mentioned earlier, some may just invite a few mates, and watch the footy. Either way, the ‘straya day spirit flows through every way you celebrate it, no matter what you are doing. But ‘straya day is not necessarily a happy day for all. It took many lives to make Australia a colony, that of which were many Aboriginals. During the happiness of Australia Day, Indigenous tribes are accompanied by ‘Day of Mourning’ where they acknowledge the people they have lost during the European Settlement.

No matter how you celebrate, I wish you a happy ‘Straya Day!

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